Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Whitest Boy Alive Rules

I was lucky enough to hear a copy of The Whitest Boy Alive's newest Album "Rules" which is set to release March 2009. This album purposely going to be a departure from the last work "Dreams". Erlend Oye wanted to record each track in the studio with one take. He wanted to capture the special-ness of a live show. Not only did he keep the quality of the album on par with his last album, but managed to turn up the beat. All instrumental rock quartets

erlend øye – guitar and vocals
marcin oz – bass
sebastian maschat – drums
daniel nentwig – rhodes and crumar

don't usually get you to your feet unless your name is The Killers or Franz Ferdinand. He is going to have crowds dancing their ass off with this one. I hope they venture into the deep south. Amazing group, amazing album, The Whitest Boy Alive Rules.

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