Monday, September 28, 2009

We Were Promised Jetpacks / Frightened Rabbit Coming soon!

I was not able to make it to the concert last night but Tammy and Jorge filled in for me. I got an update from Tammy this morning and she said the show was packed and amazing. They recorded almost nine gigs of HD Video from the side of the stage. I can't wait to get home and start watching/uploading video. Stay tuned. Should have everything ready by Friday...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cass McCombs - Soundtrack to Flood09 Part Two

As the storms roll into Atlanta for the second time this week, I have Cass McCombs playing in the background. What a perfect soundtrack for a dreary and thunder filled evening. I just downloaded his new album "Catacombs" after seeing this video on youtube. Every song has been memorable so far. I am getting that, holy crap, this album could be a new classic feeling. It well composed, beautifully produced, and Cass McCombs vocals are incredibly sweet to the ears. I am really looking forward hearing more on my road trip tomorrow. I will be back by mid week with more music. Too much to filter through right now...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Editors are back!

One of my favorite groups is within a month of releasing their third album. The Editors are worth every penny to go see live and will definately be one album that I buy next month. I love that the group is moving towards a more electronic sound, or at least their first single hints that...

The Editors - Papillon

Editors "You Are Fading" My Recording Live @ The Roxy (Atlanta) JAN08

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parov Stelar

I have been listening to electronic music now for ten plus years and I
have never come across this Austrian producer. How? I browse the new
release section of emusic from time to time and stopped on the album
cover for Libella Swing a year ago. I am a sucker for good pop art. So I had to
take a listen... Upon listening to the first track I was so hooked.

I found out that Marcus Fureder is Parov Stelar. Then I learned that
this dude produced over a ton of tracks from down tempo, to house, to
breaks, to electro - and all with a twist of Jazz/Swing. When I see
this guy I picture the child of a famous jazz musician who grew up as
a club kid. Learned to make the music he partied to in his father's
studio. After hours he started collaborating with his dad's famous
buddies and birthed this music.

I have only found EP's and random albums for Parov Stelar until last night when I came across his new double cd Coco Part One and Two. The part one is more more downtempo while part two has the bpm turned way up. This is a hell of a double disk. Its a complete collection of his best tracks and a perfect album for a newby to his work.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ida Maria Sad News

Just heard yesterday that Ida Maria has dropped off the Prez Presents tour for the rest of the tour dates. The article I read said she had to stop the tour due to health issues. I hope that she has a speedy recovery and this is nothing serious.

This is sad for all you that missed her. She was amazing in Atlanta. The next morning I kept rehashing her performance of Stella over and over in my head. Her heartfelt cries subside to a really tender moment on stage where she seemed so vulnerable and the songs fades away. I had to buy the album of amazon and they have a great deal on the digital download for only 7$ and change. So for those who are going to miss her, here is her playlist (missed a few songs) from Atlanta.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ladyhawke Videos Finally

Okay, I suck! I have a sort of valid excuse. I have been traveling for work so the time to upload the concert videos and work on the blog has been limited but here it is...

Wish you could of made it to the Ladyhawke concert? I got the entire show from the front row including a personal guitar solo from the one and only Pip Brown. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

The XX marks the spot

I go through a lot of music on a weekly basis. I have a bit of a problem, it is a form of musical A.D.D. Many bands don't last with me but when I heard The XX for the first time, they stopped me in my tracks.

The group is only made of four. One beat programmer, one rhythm guitarist, one lead singer on bass and one on guitar. Seems like a simple set up but they have a hell of a complex sound. The vocals play perfectly off each other and the guitars sound like they are playing games with each other. I find myself getting lost in their melancholy sound everywhere. The XX succeeds in what I think the ultimate goal is, to separate the listener from all the drama, pain, boredom, apathy, and stress, of their life and take them somewhere else.

If you like the tracks here, please support these guy by downloading their album here --> The xx - xx (Bonus Track Version)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Desyn Masiello @ Fitler Picture and Video Review

I am going to with hold judgment on Desyn Masiello when he played on Friday 9.4.09. I took a cab to the club so my night started off a little tipsy. I won't say that he sounded bad but he also did not blow my socks off. Maybe I was a little to gone or maybe it wasn't all that good, I'll let you decide.

I was able to get some video from the actual DJ booth (thank you filter for not throwing me out for it) and did remember to take a few photos for my twitter pal @urbanfabricfm.

Desyn Masiello @Filter

Desyn Masiello @ Filter

Desyn Masiello @ Filter

Desyn Masiello @ Filter

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Hot Mix from Yuksek

Hot summer time mix from the one and only Yuksek. By far some of the hottest sounds coming out of France right now. This mix is Mellower on the
electro side. High on the funky - get your ass out the chair - shit.
Great pool side mix before the weather starts turning cooler...

Please Check out the guys at for hooking this mix up.


Track List:

1. TELEPATHE _ Chrome’s on it _ The Shoes remix
2. KLEERUP _ Longing for lullabies _ Joakim remix
3. RITON & PRIMARY 1 _ Who’s there _ accapella
4. FREELAND _ Rock on _ Sirius Mo remix
5. NASA _ Strange enough _ Oizo remix
6. GOSSIP _ Heavy cross _ Yuksek remix
7. CASSIUS _ Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes
8. MIKA _ We are golden _ Don diablo dub remix
10. YUKSEK _ Extraball _ Breakbot remix
11. YUKSEK _ Extraball
12. CHAIRLIFT_ Bruises _ The Juan Mc Lean remix
13. YUKSEK _ Supermenz _ rough dub edit
14. JOAKIM _ Nebula laughter
15. MOBY _ Mistake _ Yuksek remix
16. GRUM _ Sound Reaction
17. YUKSEK _ So far away from the sea _ extended
18. THE FLAMING LIPS _ The yeahyeahyeah song _ The Twelves edit

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Julian Plenti - Skyscrapper

Paul Banks took a giant step away from the comfort of Interpol to release his first solo album this summer. Strangely the most important pieces from Interpol followed: his voice and his song writing. After hearing the album, now I know how much this dude carries the band. Before the first listen I thought it would never, NEVER, stand up to the band I have grown to love; Interpol.

The first listen to Julian Plenti were a series of acoustic+vocal mp3 that were linked at the start of the year. I was very worried that this album would be a flop based on that alone. Fast forward a few months, add in drums, guitars, synthesizers, and Paul's vocals in a studio and you have a hit record; Skyscrapper.