Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parov Stelar

I have been listening to electronic music now for ten plus years and I
have never come across this Austrian producer. How? I browse the new
release section of emusic from time to time and stopped on the album
cover for Libella Swing a year ago. I am a sucker for good pop art. So I had to
take a listen... Upon listening to the first track I was so hooked.

I found out that Marcus Fureder is Parov Stelar. Then I learned that
this dude produced over a ton of tracks from down tempo, to house, to
breaks, to electro - and all with a twist of Jazz/Swing. When I see
this guy I picture the child of a famous jazz musician who grew up as
a club kid. Learned to make the music he partied to in his father's
studio. After hours he started collaborating with his dad's famous
buddies and birthed this music.

I have only found EP's and random albums for Parov Stelar until last night when I came across his new double cd Coco Part One and Two. The part one is more more downtempo while part two has the bpm turned way up. This is a hell of a double disk. Its a complete collection of his best tracks and a perfect album for a newby to his work.

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