Sunday, November 23, 2008

Every urge in my body wants me to hate this band BUT...

Ladyhawke has made me rethink my view on 80's music but damn, I really hate 80's music. The waiting music in my hell would be The Breakfast Club soundtrack. I am being a gigantic hipocrit but I don't care. 80's synthesizers and drum machines are responsible for 90% of all the music I listen to today. I still hate it though.

My Delirium

I love emusic's review by J. Edward Keyes, "But just when the whole enterprise threatens to topple across the line from homage into Xerox, Brown leans into the microphone and sings, "I see you had a hit in '89/ Too bad we all don't age as good as wine." Her intent, then, is obvious: she has come not to honor her forefathers, but to replace them." With music this pure and genuine, I could be a fan of Ladyhawke's movement. She took something so cliche, so typic, so bland and made it amazing.

Paris is Burning

Friday, November 21, 2008

World; Meet Yeasayer

I was introduced to this Broklyn band over a month ago. I dismissed them the first time I heard them. Strange. Bizzare... Beautiful? Amazing? Yes to all of them. They describe themselves as "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel." Don't dismiss these guys or you will miss out on something incredible. One time through and I heard a song I was begining to dig. Two times through and, wow, half this album is great. Three times through and I felt amazed and over whelmed.

I never was a fan of Pink Floyd but I respect them as musicians. I have heard tons of their music and never caught on. I hear their influence in Yeasayer. The acapella, the multiple pitches, the layered voices, the psycadelic undertones. Fast forward thirty five years with experimental approaches and modern technology, now you have Yeasayer 2007 release, "All Hour Cymbals". To say Pink Floyd fans would like Yeasayer is quite a leap but take a few minutes to give them a try.

Waiting for the Summer

Saturday, November 15, 2008


For those who couldn't make it, I hope you can enjoy this playlist. I tried to record the entire set from start to finish. Recorded live on November 11, 2008 in Hell@Masquerade.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Video's Galore

Last weekend was filled with a ton of great music. Saturday night we were lucky enough to see Franki Chan and Toxic Avenger at MJQ. Monday night we saw Diplo put on an epic performance. Even on his Birthday he spun hit after hit for over 2 hours. I was able to capture most of it and you can see all of it on my youtube site. Once I get my playlist together I will post them over here for easy viewing.

Here is quick preview, head on over if you would like to view the rest:

Just a side note, MTV is now advertising Chromeo, breakout 2008? I doubt that Chromeo would ever be considered mainstream but kudos to the folks at MTV. It is good that Chromeo's music is spreading because they have a sound that needs to be heard.

Monday, November 10, 2008

diplo _ tonight!

Even my 24+ hour hang-over from sloppy seconds (mjq 12yr anniversary) can't detract from my excitement over diplo tonight. On his last trip to atlanta (whirley ball bitches!) I had to be out of town working. Not this time. I will be sipping on water, taking video, and dancing my ass off. Look for the concert on For those who have off for veterans day tomorrow, see you at the masquerade at 830.

Friday, November 7, 2008

night golfing with dani deahl

Thank you Jorge for driving to bfe, also called gwinnett, ga. I love riding in other people car's to get a feel for the person. Personality equals driving style, radio presets determine music taste when no one is around, what lies under the seat show really how clean someone is. With Jorge it always is a oporunity to hear another great mixtape downloaded off a hipster blog. On our hour long journey I got to hear most of Dani's new mixtape "puppy love.". She packs this hour with so many bangin tracks one after another after another after... You get the point. I almost didn't hear it due to jorge getting it stuck on repeat since the download but after 20 minutes in the car, he couldn't resist. He promissed a link so as soon as I locate this beauty of a mixtape, I will repost.