Sunday, November 23, 2008

Every urge in my body wants me to hate this band BUT...

Ladyhawke has made me rethink my view on 80's music but damn, I really hate 80's music. The waiting music in my hell would be The Breakfast Club soundtrack. I am being a gigantic hipocrit but I don't care. 80's synthesizers and drum machines are responsible for 90% of all the music I listen to today. I still hate it though.

My Delirium

I love emusic's review by J. Edward Keyes, "But just when the whole enterprise threatens to topple across the line from homage into Xerox, Brown leans into the microphone and sings, "I see you had a hit in '89/ Too bad we all don't age as good as wine." Her intent, then, is obvious: she has come not to honor her forefathers, but to replace them." With music this pure and genuine, I could be a fan of Ladyhawke's movement. She took something so cliche, so typic, so bland and made it amazing.

Paris is Burning

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