Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Re-Discovery of Dntel

Yesterday one of my subscriptions on youtube, Subpop Records, dropped an new video. The video was Dntel's single "Rock the Boat". After watching I immediately downloaded the album from Subpop.

I have to be perfectly honest here. I was a little disappointed with the newest Dntel album. It has been over six years since his last full length album, “Life is full of possabilities.” The article I was reading on Subpop Records said he had been working on this album for years. Years! I was sad to find that the new release, “Dumb Luck” was missing a pulse.

James Tamborello has been busy for the last decade. He made a huge impact on the electronic pop movement with his now famous side project, The Postal Service. The postal service is what introduced me to this busy producer. He also plays in a band named Figure with two old high school buddies . Other projects include Strickly Ballroom and Headset.

What got me excited about the new Dntel album was his 2006 release, “Mistake, Mistake, Mistake”, as the alias James Figurine. What I really enjoyed in that album is also what I really liked in the last Dnte Album. My favorites were the upbeat electronic songs like (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan.

The James Figurine album was littered with similar song styles. For example:

This is the newest video off the 2007 “Dumb Luck” release. It is a beautiful song. It is wonderfully produced with an incredible vocal.

It was not what I was expecting. It is hard to hate on “Dumb Luck.” It is what it is: a meloncoly and glitchy album with many great guest vocalists. It isn’t going to make my head nod or make me feel like dancing. It is to be put away for a quite night or a rainy afternoon. There is always a spot for James Tamborello in my music collection for what ever the mood. That is what has kept him relevant and an important figure in electronic music for the last decade.

Monday, April 21, 2008

VHS OR BETA in Review

Last Monday Craig Pfunder and VHS OR BETA stormed through Atlanta with their spin on dance rock. They categorize their sound as elements of Rock, French House, and Dance-Punk. They played a little from each album. Sounds corney but they really are a mix of the three said adjectives.

I really liked the start of their set. It started with an ominous loop as they took the stage. Once they got going they rocked out to an extended instrumental. It was nice way to break the ice and introduce the bands sound. I believe that song is off thier first album Le Funk.

If you haven’t heard anything off that album, I found a great interview with them in Bogota, Columbia. It talks about their though process as a band in forming their sound. Check it out if you have time.

They immediately went into some new stuff off the new album, Bring on the comets. Here is a video of them playing "Burn it all down."

My favorite moment of the night was when they played “You Got Me”. My friend Zero was down in Virginia Highlands (section of Atlanta) a few years ago. The bar he was at was having a Hot Chip release party for their new album at the time. They were giving away astralwerks promotion cds. The first song on it was “You Got Me”. Although I had never bought any of their music, I always remembered that song.

When I heard that VHS OR BETA was coming through town I had to check them out. It had been years since hearing them but that song kept running though my head. They did not disappoint. They were fun and carefree even though The Earl was throwing every curve ball they could from faulty ear-pieces to malfunctioning monitors. Here is them playing my favorite track from them, “You Got Me”

If you would like to see all the song preformed at:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Free SXSW sampler reviewed in the Dayton Airport

What a crazy mix. A midwest airport and a line up from austin. Although this yearly concert is held in the deep south of texas, they have a very eclectic group of small unknown bands rock out each year. Before my buisness trip I was able to find two great FREE mixes on Sorry no links today. Working off the blackberry.

My favorite track off the IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash Sampler 2008 has to be "Compacto" by Curumin on Quantuum Projects Record Label. They have a funkier sound than Jack Johnson but in the same style. Well not exactely like johnson because they sing in spanish and are real upbeat.

Would be the perfect music for dancing, after three mixed drinks, at a peach party. Every time I hear this song it makes me smile. Couldn't ask for a better mood lifter when delayed an hour and a half on a rainy day in dayton. It is worth the time to download.