Monday, August 31, 2009

Volcano Choir - Unmap glitched out folk style

Last year I downloaded a Bon Iver EP named "Blood Bank." The album was pretty generic for Bon Iver but thrown into the end was a tripped out melodic track called "Woods". Little did I know but that would be the start of something new for Bon Iver.

Bon Iver "Woods"

He's back in 2009 with a new group called Volcano Choir. The group is made of members of Collection of Colonies of Bees and Justin Vernon. That actual track is redone and is now called "Still." Bon Iver still brings his unique indie folk style but this album is a real departure with modulated voices, repetitive looping acoustic guitars, haunting layered voices sampled over and over. This album is a must for a surround sound stereo or a good pair of headphones. If you feel like checking out forty minutes with some inventive triped out glitch folk, then "Unmap" is the album for you. Look for it when it is released in America on September 22nd.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Desyn Masiello is coming...

Next Friday the patrons of Atlanta are in for a real treat. The uber Dj Desyn Masiello is coming to Atlanta on Friday September 4th. Tickets are only $12 and keep your eyes open for deals too, many times you can get in for on the cheap before 11pm.

Upon hearing this concert date, I immediately put on my copy of Desyn Masiello live a Club Home - Budapest. This four hour set is everything I was looking for on a quiet Thursday afternoon. Each song mixes perfectly. Each track is quality. The man has an impeckable taste in music and is a master in creating mood. With Desyn in my ears, I blew through a 1.5 workout and was home in no time. I can't wait...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Afternoon conversation - "Why solo Artist Second Albums Suck"

Jorge and I rambled into a great conversation yesterday. Unfortunately Joakim was our test subject but I think we have figured out why solo (singer songwriter) Artist fail and the genius of the remix.

SBA: Listening to the New Joakim. I have had it for a while but overall, i am disappointed. Why can't all of his songs be good? Why fill an album with crap and a few songs that are decent.

Jorge: I didn't like it

SBA: He has to know they are crap, right?

Jorge: I tried more than once too

SBA: Its just noisy and bizarre. No one likes that. Then he will throw in a well produced, focused, and danceable tracks then back to the noisy and bizarre.

Jorge: I guess every artist has a couple songs they don't like, but the record labels wants to put out albums all the time

Jorge: That is why a lot of first albums are good and second albums not so good. They have a lot more time to make the first one

SBA: It is kind of pissing me off. I am changing it. (Put on) Portugal. The man. I feel better already. Now that is how to make an album.

Jorge: That is why a band like cut copy is so good.

Jorge: It's not easy making good music
they can evolve and keep it interesting and still make great singles

SBA: One quick point on this topic. Joakim is under a huge disadvantage. All the bands have collective influence. four minds can make innovative music better.

SBA: Maybe that is why only one in four Joakim songs are good

Jorge: That sounds logical, are you trying to convince me or you?

SBA: Maybe cut copy has as many stinkers, they just have 4 times the ideas to sort through

Jorge: Lol This album is really getting under your skin

SBA: I really want to like Joakim but I can't listen to his crap. I have moved on but i am still angry

Jorge: You should send him an email express yourself

SBA: I am going to blog my theory tonight. Why solo artist suck.

Jorge: Or maybe to his management?

SBA: Seriously. I think i am on to something. Maybe it should be titled, why solo artist's second albums suck.

Jorge: Maybe that is why even artists that aren't that good can still become popular because other people remix their songs


Jorge: Not that the songs are that bad, they just need different influences

SBA: Look at this goofball La Roux.

Jorge: To make then good I think you really may be onto something. So even artists that make bad music are necessary so that people with a real sense of music can remix it and make killer songs
yeah bad music that gets transformed into good music

SBA: Thanks. I have tons of information for my fight against shitty solo artist second album fails. Just hire someone to remix your crap album and enjoy the benefits

Monday, August 24, 2009

Calvin Harris's Science Expirement

Yesterday I was trying to explain the Calvin Harris Science experiment to a friend of mine. I have never seen anything like this so it was damn near impossible to vocalize it. If you haven't seen this on the web, take a few seconds to watch:

Calvin Harris Made Video

AP Story

Friday, August 21, 2009

Anoraak - Night Drive with You

Anoraak - Live in London

A friend of mine brought of a brilliant question yesterday. "Do you think that Cut Copy and Anoraak know about each other?" Seriously, the similarities between these groups is on the verge of copy right infringement.

None the less, Anoraak has put out a great album in 09' with their Night Drives with You. I still can't help feeling nostalgic every time I play it. I keep getting flashbacks to the first time I heard Cut Copy's "Bright like Neon Love". This totally is a good thing. It oozes with Synth-Pop goodness. Thing a lounged out - French spin - on electro pop. I just keep waiting to hear some tracks on the dance floor.

Anoraak "Waiting for your Call"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm back.... and "Ready for the Weekend"

Only three days into the work week and already dreaming of the weekend. Speaking of weekend, I am loving the new Calvin Harris.

I have seen some criticism out there in the blogsphere but I don't buy it for a second. It's a sophomore album. In the second album, don't be surprised if the artist grows. If the artist grows, don't hate.

Calvin Harris uses many of the staples that got him noticed in the first place - electro beats, catchy vocals, and synthpop goodness. Ready for the weekend is no different but the sound has evolved. The overall impression I have got listening to this album for the last day is that the production value has skyrocketed. I am not sure if was a change in studio or him spending more time but each song is polished and crisp. Here's a little teaser:

Calvin Harris "Ready for the Weekend"

Also some fun remixes that have already been released:

"Ready for the Weekend" Fake Blood Remix

Ready for the Weekend" High Contrast Remix

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last post for awhile - Common Market

First off, I will be away for a while. The week is flying by and my vacation is now rapidly approaching. I am planning on taking my laptop with me but who wants to work on the computer while they are in South Beach? I wanted to leave some tunes with you while I am away. I offer a brilliant EP and full length album for you to explore.

I found Common Market on the internet two weeks ago. I buddy of mine pointed me towards the Tobacco Road full length and I was pleasantly surprised. The beats are tasty and the flow is on point. So far I have heard the "Winters End EP" and it as good or better than the full length. The EP features some live marching band percussion of trombones and such. It has sort of a New Orleans street band feel to it on a few tracks. It is a nice departure in sound from the hip hop I usually hear. I hope that Common Market can breath some fresh air and life into the industry. Decide for yourself if they are succeeding:

Tobacco and Snow Covered Roads from "Tobacco Road"

Brasso from "Winter's End EP"

Escaping Arkham from "Winter's End EP"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pete and the Pirates are back...

I love it when I start to see new singles. That can only mean one thing... New Album. Pete and the Pirates have been a SBA favorite since I first heard them. I love their quirky post punk sound. Based soley the new Jennifer EP, it sounds like they are up to their old ways again. Can't wait to hear more...

Jennifer - Pete and the Pirates