Friday, August 21, 2009

Anoraak - Night Drive with You

Anoraak - Live in London

A friend of mine brought of a brilliant question yesterday. "Do you think that Cut Copy and Anoraak know about each other?" Seriously, the similarities between these groups is on the verge of copy right infringement.

None the less, Anoraak has put out a great album in 09' with their Night Drives with You. I still can't help feeling nostalgic every time I play it. I keep getting flashbacks to the first time I heard Cut Copy's "Bright like Neon Love". This totally is a good thing. It oozes with Synth-Pop goodness. Thing a lounged out - French spin - on electro pop. I just keep waiting to hear some tracks on the dance floor.

Anoraak "Waiting for your Call"

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