Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Throwback Tuesday - Dj Krush vs Coldcut "Cold Krush Cuts"

Last month Tammy suggested, "Instead of always posting new music, why don't you do a weekly blog about some of your old favorite music?" Every Tuesday I planned on starting... One month later we have the first installment of SBA's Throwback Tuesdays.

This album goes WAY back for me. "ColdKrushCuts" is the tag-team mix of Djs Coldcut and Krush. This album alone got me into Downtempo music. The first time I heard this album I was a sophomore in college living off campus. Our dentist student neighbor was really into anything and everything from the Ninja Tune Label. "ColdKrushCuts" the first cd he let me borrow and it changed my life. This once strickly hip hop kid started listening to electronic music. Still to this day, some ten years after hearing "ColdKrushCuts", I get chills when I listen to this mix.

Dj Krush Bonus Video going nuts in Atlanta from '07

Friday, December 18, 2009

SBA Top 40 of 09'

I can't believe how many incredible albums got released in 2009. I sorted my itunes by year last night and was blown away by the albums that showed up. It seems hard to believe that these artist all released new material. I compiled a list of my top 40 artists & song -

Acid Girls - Numbers Game
Adele - Hometown (highcontrast remix)
Anoraak- N.Ever E.Ending R.Omance D.Isaster
Au Revoir Simone - Trace a Line
Beirut - The Akara
Blakroc - Stay of the Fucking Flowers
Boyz Noize - Kontact Me
Calvin Harris - You Used To Hold Me
Little Boots - Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix)
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Little Girl feat. Julian Casablanca
Discovery - So Insane
Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
Edward Sharp - Home
Fink - Sort of Revolution
Fukkk Offf - I give you Bass
Gossip - Heavy Cross
Ida Maria - I like you so much better when your naked
Jaydiohead - Change Order
John Fusciante - Dark Light
Juon Hopkins - Colour Eye
Julian Plenti - Girl on the Sporting News
Kid Cudi - I poke her face (feat. Common & Kayne)
La Roux - Bulletproof
The Longcut - Mary Bloody Sunshine
The Maccabees - Can you Give it
Major Lazer - Hold the Line feat Mr. Lex & Santi
Matt & Kim - I'll take us home
Miike Snow - Animal
MSTRKRFT - Heartbreaker feat John Legend
Phoenix - 1901
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo
Taken by Trees - My boys
Vitalic - Terminateur Benelux
We Were Promised Jetpacks - This is my house, this is my home
Whitest Boy Alive - Timebomb
The XX - Stars
YACHT - Psychic City
Yuksek - Tonight
zoot Woman - We Won't Break

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Local Natives Stick

I think this band Local Natives is amazing. I have had the album, Gorilla Manor, now for a week and it is a must play at least once a day. The music is back to the basics for my music listening history. Its everything that made me fall in love with rock n' roll in the first place.
Great lead vocals drive this band. Smooth guitar riffs battle complex drum beats on each song. I think what really makes this band stand out is the unforgetable melodies that are perfectly executed with a full band chorus. Yesterday morning I woke up hearing the chorus of World News in my head. Its been 48 hours and that song keeps playing over and over in my head. For me that is the best indication if a band is going to stick in my rotation.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday is Techno Chicken Time...

This post is because I can. And it's Friday! Have a nice weekend. Come back Monday for another week of music. SBA will be reviewing the new Yeasayer, Blakroc, and the First Throwback Thursday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins

Sometime the best things in life come completely unexpected. Last night I was trying find a use for my final 12 downloads of the month from emusic and decided to revisit my saved folder. I don't even remember putting Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins in there. I started a preview of SL&CH while I continued to search for a good use of my last music for the month. Four songs into it, I was sold and immediately downloaded "Fascinating Fingers".

The LP has been on constant loop today. I got curious on whom these guys were and that lead me to this:

Surely this is a joke. Strange guy in the tiger mask and his mysterious cassette leaving partner. I went to their website, read the bit on Clutchy Hopkins. I half believe them when they say his identity is a mystery. One thing I do know for sure, these guys aren't a joke or gimmic.

Their music is a intriguing mix of live instraments and synthesizers. There is an underlying funk that blends with their trip hop sound. The age difference between the two creates a unique new sound that caught my attention. Maybe they will catch yours.

Mimi Tatonka

Root Trees

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keep an Eye out for Electrojuice

Electrojuice Spring Tour 2009

ELECTROJUICE | MySpace Music Videos

These kids don't even look old enough to drive but they sure produce some nasty electro. Coming fresh out of Denmark with their first EP Solrock, Mads & Jacob of Electrojuice have put a real quality album out. I get the same feeling from this duo that I got the first time I listened to Modeselektor. The songs are like nothing I ever heard but by the end of the album they feel very familiar. Their genera is hard electro but they manage to incorporate smooth vocals and sweet sounds. I can't wait to hear more...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros Brighten My Day

Today was the absolute perfect day to listen to The Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on my hour drive home from work. The sun has been missing for two days. The air was almost cold enough to see my breath when I walked out of work this afternoon. The rain has been saturating everything for over 24 hours leaving gigantic puddles to navigate through. My wet shirt sticks to my leather as I quickly jump into the car and start the ignition. Then the CD player starts, I quickly skip forward, and everything seems better.

The album is filled with beautiful music and vocals. I usually listen to mostly electronic music but on days like today, it was perfect to unplug and dive into the roots of music composition. Throughout the album, I am reminded to Beirut due to the enormous ensamble. Where they differ is this Orchestra of sorts is rooted in a unique mix of blue-grass/folk/rock/fusion. I always get impatient and jump to Home (above) first. Every time I hear this song it makes me smile and think about the ones I love. There is not a better feeling to combat the cold of winter. Thoughts of home...

I found these two pieces of film on their myspace meant to be watched in a two part set. Another example of the complex sounds that make up Edwarde Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros "Desert Song" from benjamin kutsko on Vimeo.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros "KISSES OVER BABYLON" from Edward Sharpe on Vimeo.

Monday, December 7, 2009

LCD SoundSystem touring soon...

I have been waiting for this tweet for over a year now, "meeting about tour for next year right now. bizarre living in the future." That's right, LCD Soundsystem (@lcdsoundsystem) may be coming to a city near you in the distant future. If they do, GO SEE THEM.

I put them up in the top ten performances that I have ever seen. They sound incredible live. They put on a hell of a performance. They just don't play their songs, they create and improvise live. I just remember leaving Center Stage with my feet soar from dancing and my cheeks aching from smiling. My fingers are crossed he liked Atlanta as much as the crowd liked him...

Direct From their Myspace -

this is basically a band. we're getting ready to finish a record and put it "out", whatever that means anymore, into the world next year. i think we're a good live band, but i'm pretty sure we're about to be way better than we've ever been. i'm excited. i'm writing that down because it's a total shock for me to hear it coming from my brain. i'm excited for us to tour and play all of the places we've loved to play. and some of the places we've never played. there are other things afoot, which i won't go into. but i'm actually excited to get into it in 2010.

look out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey Winter, FUKKK OFFF!

Such a strange expression, Fukkk Offf... Not only is it an exclamation but it also is an attitude. Granted, I don't see as much of it down here in the South but any day on I-285 it will rear it's ugly head. This group is all attitude. They sound exactly like what you expect from such a vulgar exclamation.

They are nasty. Down right Nasty. Like, I need to wash my hands or my mouth out with soap; nasty. Dirty Electro beats that make you cringe with joy. Or at least that is my response to Fukkk Offf.

I found this group through one of my favorite mixtapes spun by a SBA favorite Vitalic. The track Vitalic used is titled "I Give you Bass" The song's hook states, "I punch my baseline, Into you Face, You can't Stop Dancing, I give you Bass." Yeah that's right, Fukkk Offf and don't forget to listen to some tunes below...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vitalic - Your Disco Song

This is the second video "Your Disco Song" that I have seen from my new favorite band Vitalic. I thought I should be my duty to share this hotness...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you haven't heard of the Hood Internet, its about time

I have been listening to The Hood Internet now for almost a year. The Chicago Duo has been mashing up Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and Electronica in ways that fans of any of the genera would cringe. Really who mixes Ghostface Killer with Beirut? They do and with incredible success. The Hood Internet just dropped their fourth mixtape and I have had to listen to it at least once a day now for over two weeks. Its packed full of 100% original remixes. Here's the tasty set list to wet your appetite: Go here to download it. A side note, all their remixes/mixes are free to download so go to a show or buy some merch to keep amazing underground music alive.

The Mixtape Volume Four:

1. Intro
2. David Banner vs Fujiya & Miyagi - Get Like Pterodactyls
3. The Beastie Boys vs Matt And Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker
4. Kanye West vs Cage & Aviary - Touch The Television
5. Lil Wayne (feat. Babyface) vs Royksopp - Comfortable Up Here
6. Passion Pit vs Juvenile - Back That Sleepyhead Up
7. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince vs Daft Punk - Summer Circuit
8. Public Enemy vs HEALTH vs Nosaj Thing - Bring The Tabloid Sores
9. AZ (feat. Ghostface) vs The Golden Filter - Solid Gold From New York
10. Modest Mouse vs Kanye West - Floating Paranoia
11. Clipse vs Yuksek - Kinda Like A Big Break
12. Weezer vs Glass Candy - Buddy Holly's Imagination
13. Bangers & Cash vs Bag Raiders - Bang Raiders
14. Amanda Blank vs VEGA - No Reasons To Like You Better
15. Michael Jackson vs Ratatat - Billie "Wildcat" Jean
16. Kid Sister (feat. Pitbull) vs Phonat - Free Control Ocho
17. Twista (feat. Erika Shevon) vs Boys Noize - Wetter And Jeffer
18. Flo Rida (feat. Ke$ha) vs MSTRKRFT - 1000 Times Right Round
19. R. Kelly (feat. Keri Hilson) vs Sally Shapiro - Number One Christmas
20. Drake vs The Rapture - Best Jealous Lover I Ever Had
21. Bon Iver vs Friendly Fires vs Aeroplane - Lump Sum Of Paris
22. Jeremih vs Handsome Furs - Birthday Furs
23. Yung LA vs Solid Gold - Who Ain't I Gonna Run To?
24. Major Lazer (feat. Santigold) vs Dirty Projectors - Hold The Stillness
25. Dead Prez vs Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks Of Hip Hop
26. Soulja Boy vs Joe Jackson - Swaggin' Out
27. OJ Da Juiceman (feat. Gucci Mane) vs Discovery - Make The Loop Aye
28. Glasses Malone vs Chromatics - A Moment To Remember Haterz
29. Paper Route Gangstaz vs Animal Collective - Animals Collecting Money
30. B-Hamp vs Little Boots - Ricky Bobby Boots
31. Ghostface Killah vs Beirut - Save Me Concubine
32. Keri Hilson vs The Glitch Mob/TVOTR - Red Dress Turnin Me On
33. Dorrough vs Bibio - Fire Ant Paint Job
34. Outro

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vitalic - Flash Mob - My Ears have been opened again...

Just when I thought I had heard it all, a group called Vitalic comes out of nowhere to literally leave me speechless. My friend Ryan described this group as the bastard son of Justice and Lindstrom... I was immediately intrigued by that description and downloaded the new album "Flashmob. (mini-mix audio :)" I had just enough time to transfer it over to my phone before going to the hawks game.

The hawks game turned into a night at Filter with George Acosta. The George Acosta set turned into a late night with friends. Around 3:30 am I remembered the Vitalic download from earlier and had Chris throw it on the surround sound. The first track, "See the Sea" start of with a glitched out sequence before the grimy baseline rolls through the track. I looked at Chris, Chris looked at Jorge, and Jorge looked at me. All three of us were speechless. After the three minute mark, the track breaks into a classic italio disco breakdown. We couldn't stop from dancing and smiling. Each track was more surprising than the previous. I have thought long and hard about how to describe Vitalic since Friday night but one word keeps coming back into my head, "EPIC."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pretty Lights comes back...

Pretty Lights aka Derek Vincent Smith will be coming back to Atlanta on November 14th @ The Masquerade. I missed him the last time he came through with Diesel Boy in July. I will not make the same mistake again. He is currently touring with a live drummer to get some exposure on his new free album. If you have never heard of Pretty Lights, I strongly encourage you to go to his website and download some music. Here is my favorite track off the new album...

Friday, October 23, 2009


No new music to blog tonight but I am here to share a killer internet radio station. This one was shown to me earlier this week. It's call 22 tracks. It is actually a pretty amazing idea. They bring in guests each week to create their favorite tracks in playlist form. All kinds of music to choose from Rock, Electro, Electronic, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, to even Modern Disco. It is unlike Pandora where you can listen to any track in the playlist at any time. Each track listing has links to the artist website/myspace. I have listened all week and haven't had to play the same radio station twice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

!The Longcut - Open Hearts

Now I never listen to a band only once. I have found that in the past, I have really missed out of some incredible talent because I was unsure after a single listen. A great example is The Editors. A friend loaned me their cd a few years ago. After hearing part of the album I returned it. A half a year later I ran into that same group that I dismissed so eagerly before and fell in love with their sound.

!The Longcut are becoming one of those bands for me. It seriously took me half the album to get used to Stuart Ogilvie's singing style. Each song confused me. Are these guys rock or are the electronic? Do I like this? The first listen was intriguing enough to go back for more. Now the album is in steady rotation. Each listen I am liking their unique post rock, punk, electronic sound more and more.

In this ever evolving music scene I am starting to break down my perceptions on *fill in the bland* music should sound like. These guys were introduced to me as being in the same company as The Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers. Based on that, I was expecting something totally different from what !The Longcut are. It was so different that I almost fell into my old trap. I am just glad that I played their album one more time because now I am hooked.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taken By Trees

This band is one that I continue to play over and over again. I got the album two weeks ago and really didn't know what to think of it. Middle Eastern, meets folk, meets beautiful female vocals. It sounds strange but it works. This is a band that is way out of the realm of stuff I post up here but after going to their website I had to post them. I know that my blog is read by few (I watch the numbers on a weekly basis) but I do reach a few people.

Their latest post is so sad. She compares herself to a beached whale stuck at home. They have a new album and a band ready to go but the record company has no money for them to tour. That is a damn shame because Taken By Trees is one band that I would go see. Their music is so interesting and unique, it would be a hell of a live show. So here is my part in all this, anyone reading this that has an idea to help, contact them. Taken by Trees, I wish you all the luck and hope to see you in Atlanta soon.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Help a good internet radio station out...

Okay, so internet radio isn't the most convienent method of listening to music. But if you are at the house or at work and can't listen to any more of your own music, just tune to somafm. Hell, if you have a smart phone, stream their bomb beats while on the move. They got 18 different radio stations to choose from to meet your mood. From indie rock, to house, to glitch hip hop, to electro, and even Halloween themed music. Our friend in NC turned us onto this station. They are listener supported so if you like the tunes, chip in a few bucks to keep a bomb station alive.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Rock is Alive and Kicking In Scottland"

First off, I want to give a big thanks to Tammy and Jorge for filming this concert for me. I had bought tickets months earlier and waited patiently to see two of my favorite bands... then my job sent me out of town the day of the concert. Without you two I would of missed the entire thing. Without Jorge there wouldn't be a post, so thank you for your great words...

By Jorge -

Sometimes you go to a show for a particular band and surprisingly fall in love with another. Sunday at Masquerade was one of those shows. A good sized crowd had gathered for a great evening of Scottish rock and there couldn’t have been a better night for music. I bought my ticket for the sole purpose of seeing We Were Promised Jetpacks who began the night with a bang. Lead singer Adam Thompson belted out all the lyrics that I knew so well and proved that this band deserved way more credit than the crowd gave. It seems that the majority of the people were there to see Frightened Rabbit as many were not as into them as I was; I couldn’t stop bouncing around during their whole set. I hope that more people will start listening to them now that they have seen what they can do. They played all the songs I wanted to hear and somehow impressed me even more than their album which is on regular rotation in my car stereo. I’m not even that into rock, (I prefer electronic music) but I can’t get enough of this band.

With that said, my new favorite band is Frighten Rabbit. Before the show, all I heard of them was a few songs off Liver! Lung! FR! and to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed. This may be due to the fact that I might have not been in the mood on that day and that it is a live album. As previously stated, I prefer electronic music and I kinda have to be in the mood for rock to enjoy it. Regardless, I obviously didn’t give this band enough credit. The crowd was ripe with anticipation when they came out and Frighten Rabbit was ready to deliver. They played with so much passion and it seemed like everyone knew every word to all their songs that I kinda felt left out that I didn’t. Every song was better than the last and by the time they left the stage I totally enamored. When Scott Hutchinson came back to the stage by himself to sing an acoustic version of Poke with just his guitar and his great Scottish accent I was totally sold and completely bummed that I didn’t bring enough cash to buy all their albums right then and there. What I did buy was their awesome t-shirt that I will proudly wear to the next show I attend.

I have to at least mention Twilight Sad as they were the third band that played between WWPJP and FR, but as the saying goes -if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all- so I won’t.

I personally feel that rock died in the late 90’s and I haven’t listened to the radio in the last 10 years. This is confirmed every time I do turn the radio on and all I hear is the same songs I remember listening to back when I was in high school. This night and these bands have taught me that rock music may not have died after all; it just packed up and moved to Scotland. I don’t blame it, how can anyone not love a Scottish accent?

Monday, September 28, 2009

We Were Promised Jetpacks / Frightened Rabbit Coming soon!

I was not able to make it to the concert last night but Tammy and Jorge filled in for me. I got an update from Tammy this morning and she said the show was packed and amazing. They recorded almost nine gigs of HD Video from the side of the stage. I can't wait to get home and start watching/uploading video. Stay tuned. Should have everything ready by Friday...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cass McCombs - Soundtrack to Flood09 Part Two

As the storms roll into Atlanta for the second time this week, I have Cass McCombs playing in the background. What a perfect soundtrack for a dreary and thunder filled evening. I just downloaded his new album "Catacombs" after seeing this video on youtube. Every song has been memorable so far. I am getting that, holy crap, this album could be a new classic feeling. It well composed, beautifully produced, and Cass McCombs vocals are incredibly sweet to the ears. I am really looking forward hearing more on my road trip tomorrow. I will be back by mid week with more music. Too much to filter through right now...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Editors are back!

One of my favorite groups is within a month of releasing their third album. The Editors are worth every penny to go see live and will definately be one album that I buy next month. I love that the group is moving towards a more electronic sound, or at least their first single hints that...

The Editors - Papillon

Editors "You Are Fading" My Recording Live @ The Roxy (Atlanta) JAN08

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parov Stelar

I have been listening to electronic music now for ten plus years and I
have never come across this Austrian producer. How? I browse the new
release section of emusic from time to time and stopped on the album
cover for Libella Swing a year ago. I am a sucker for good pop art. So I had to
take a listen... Upon listening to the first track I was so hooked.

I found out that Marcus Fureder is Parov Stelar. Then I learned that
this dude produced over a ton of tracks from down tempo, to house, to
breaks, to electro - and all with a twist of Jazz/Swing. When I see
this guy I picture the child of a famous jazz musician who grew up as
a club kid. Learned to make the music he partied to in his father's
studio. After hours he started collaborating with his dad's famous
buddies and birthed this music.

I have only found EP's and random albums for Parov Stelar until last night when I came across his new double cd Coco Part One and Two. The part one is more more downtempo while part two has the bpm turned way up. This is a hell of a double disk. Its a complete collection of his best tracks and a perfect album for a newby to his work.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ida Maria Sad News

Just heard yesterday that Ida Maria has dropped off the Prez Presents tour for the rest of the tour dates. The article I read said she had to stop the tour due to health issues. I hope that she has a speedy recovery and this is nothing serious.

This is sad for all you that missed her. She was amazing in Atlanta. The next morning I kept rehashing her performance of Stella over and over in my head. Her heartfelt cries subside to a really tender moment on stage where she seemed so vulnerable and the songs fades away. I had to buy the album of amazon and they have a great deal on the digital download for only 7$ and change. So for those who are going to miss her, here is her playlist (missed a few songs) from Atlanta.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ladyhawke Videos Finally

Okay, I suck! I have a sort of valid excuse. I have been traveling for work so the time to upload the concert videos and work on the blog has been limited but here it is...

Wish you could of made it to the Ladyhawke concert? I got the entire show from the front row including a personal guitar solo from the one and only Pip Brown. Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

The XX marks the spot

I go through a lot of music on a weekly basis. I have a bit of a problem, it is a form of musical A.D.D. Many bands don't last with me but when I heard The XX for the first time, they stopped me in my tracks.

The group is only made of four. One beat programmer, one rhythm guitarist, one lead singer on bass and one on guitar. Seems like a simple set up but they have a hell of a complex sound. The vocals play perfectly off each other and the guitars sound like they are playing games with each other. I find myself getting lost in their melancholy sound everywhere. The XX succeeds in what I think the ultimate goal is, to separate the listener from all the drama, pain, boredom, apathy, and stress, of their life and take them somewhere else.

If you like the tracks here, please support these guy by downloading their album here --> The xx - xx (Bonus Track Version)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Desyn Masiello @ Fitler Picture and Video Review

I am going to with hold judgment on Desyn Masiello when he played on Friday 9.4.09. I took a cab to the club so my night started off a little tipsy. I won't say that he sounded bad but he also did not blow my socks off. Maybe I was a little to gone or maybe it wasn't all that good, I'll let you decide.

I was able to get some video from the actual DJ booth (thank you filter for not throwing me out for it) and did remember to take a few photos for my twitter pal @urbanfabricfm.

Desyn Masiello @Filter

Desyn Masiello @ Filter

Desyn Masiello @ Filter

Desyn Masiello @ Filter

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Hot Mix from Yuksek

Hot summer time mix from the one and only Yuksek. By far some of the hottest sounds coming out of France right now. This mix is Mellower on the
electro side. High on the funky - get your ass out the chair - shit.
Great pool side mix before the weather starts turning cooler...

Please Check out the guys at www.ulteriormusic.com for hooking this mix up.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yeftwyni4mn

Track List:

1. TELEPATHE _ Chrome’s on it _ The Shoes remix
2. KLEERUP _ Longing for lullabies _ Joakim remix
3. RITON & PRIMARY 1 _ Who’s there _ accapella
4. FREELAND _ Rock on _ Sirius Mo remix
5. NASA _ Strange enough _ Oizo remix
6. GOSSIP _ Heavy cross _ Yuksek remix
7. CASSIUS _ Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes
8. MIKA _ We are golden _ Don diablo dub remix
10. YUKSEK _ Extraball _ Breakbot remix
11. YUKSEK _ Extraball
12. CHAIRLIFT_ Bruises _ The Juan Mc Lean remix
13. YUKSEK _ Supermenz _ rough dub edit
14. JOAKIM _ Nebula laughter
15. MOBY _ Mistake _ Yuksek remix
16. GRUM _ Sound Reaction
17. YUKSEK _ So far away from the sea _ extended
18. THE FLAMING LIPS _ The yeahyeahyeah song _ The Twelves edit

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Julian Plenti - Skyscrapper

Paul Banks took a giant step away from the comfort of Interpol to release his first solo album this summer. Strangely the most important pieces from Interpol followed: his voice and his song writing. After hearing the album, now I know how much this dude carries the band. Before the first listen I thought it would never, NEVER, stand up to the band I have grown to love; Interpol.

The first listen to Julian Plenti were a series of acoustic+vocal mp3 that were linked at the start of the year. I was very worried that this album would be a flop based on that alone. Fast forward a few months, add in drums, guitars, synthesizers, and Paul's vocals in a studio and you have a hit record; Skyscrapper.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Volcano Choir - Unmap glitched out folk style

Last year I downloaded a Bon Iver EP named "Blood Bank." The album was pretty generic for Bon Iver but thrown into the end was a tripped out melodic track called "Woods". Little did I know but that would be the start of something new for Bon Iver.

Bon Iver "Woods"

He's back in 2009 with a new group called Volcano Choir. The group is made of members of Collection of Colonies of Bees and Justin Vernon. That actual track is redone and is now called "Still." Bon Iver still brings his unique indie folk style but this album is a real departure with modulated voices, repetitive looping acoustic guitars, haunting layered voices sampled over and over. This album is a must for a surround sound stereo or a good pair of headphones. If you feel like checking out forty minutes with some inventive triped out glitch folk, then "Unmap" is the album for you. Look for it when it is released in America on September 22nd.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Desyn Masiello is coming...

Next Friday the patrons of Atlanta are in for a real treat. The uber Dj Desyn Masiello is coming to Atlanta on Friday September 4th. Tickets are only $12 and keep your eyes open for deals too, many times you can get in for on the cheap before 11pm.

Upon hearing this concert date, I immediately put on my copy of Desyn Masiello live a Club Home - Budapest. This four hour set is everything I was looking for on a quiet Thursday afternoon. Each song mixes perfectly. Each track is quality. The man has an impeckable taste in music and is a master in creating mood. With Desyn in my ears, I blew through a 1.5 workout and was home in no time. I can't wait...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Afternoon conversation - "Why solo Artist Second Albums Suck"

Jorge and I rambled into a great conversation yesterday. Unfortunately Joakim was our test subject but I think we have figured out why solo (singer songwriter) Artist fail and the genius of the remix.

SBA: Listening to the New Joakim. I have had it for a while but overall, i am disappointed. Why can't all of his songs be good? Why fill an album with crap and a few songs that are decent.

Jorge: I didn't like it

SBA: He has to know they are crap, right?

Jorge: I tried more than once too

SBA: Its just noisy and bizarre. No one likes that. Then he will throw in a well produced, focused, and danceable tracks then back to the noisy and bizarre.

Jorge: I guess every artist has a couple songs they don't like, but the record labels wants to put out albums all the time

Jorge: That is why a lot of first albums are good and second albums not so good. They have a lot more time to make the first one

SBA: It is kind of pissing me off. I am changing it. (Put on) Portugal. The man. I feel better already. Now that is how to make an album.

Jorge: That is why a band like cut copy is so good.

Jorge: It's not easy making good music
they can evolve and keep it interesting and still make great singles

SBA: One quick point on this topic. Joakim is under a huge disadvantage. All the bands have collective influence. four minds can make innovative music better.

SBA: Maybe that is why only one in four Joakim songs are good

Jorge: That sounds logical, are you trying to convince me or you?

SBA: Maybe cut copy has as many stinkers, they just have 4 times the ideas to sort through

Jorge: Lol This album is really getting under your skin

SBA: I really want to like Joakim but I can't listen to his crap. I have moved on but i am still angry

Jorge: You should send him an email express yourself

SBA: I am going to blog my theory tonight. Why solo artist suck.

Jorge: Or maybe to his management?

SBA: Seriously. I think i am on to something. Maybe it should be titled, why solo artist's second albums suck.

Jorge: Maybe that is why even artists that aren't that good can still become popular because other people remix their songs


Jorge: Not that the songs are that bad, they just need different influences

SBA: Look at this goofball La Roux.

Jorge: To make then good I think you really may be onto something. So even artists that make bad music are necessary so that people with a real sense of music can remix it and make killer songs
yeah bad music that gets transformed into good music

SBA: Thanks. I have tons of information for my fight against shitty solo artist second album fails. Just hire someone to remix your crap album and enjoy the benefits

Monday, August 24, 2009

Calvin Harris's Science Expirement

Yesterday I was trying to explain the Calvin Harris Science experiment to a friend of mine. I have never seen anything like this so it was damn near impossible to vocalize it. If you haven't seen this on the web, take a few seconds to watch:

Calvin Harris Made Video

AP Story

Friday, August 21, 2009

Anoraak - Night Drive with You

Anoraak - Live in London

A friend of mine brought of a brilliant question yesterday. "Do you think that Cut Copy and Anoraak know about each other?" Seriously, the similarities between these groups is on the verge of copy right infringement.

None the less, Anoraak has put out a great album in 09' with their Night Drives with You. I still can't help feeling nostalgic every time I play it. I keep getting flashbacks to the first time I heard Cut Copy's "Bright like Neon Love". This totally is a good thing. It oozes with Synth-Pop goodness. Thing a lounged out - French spin - on electro pop. I just keep waiting to hear some tracks on the dance floor.

Anoraak "Waiting for your Call"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm back.... and "Ready for the Weekend"

Only three days into the work week and already dreaming of the weekend. Speaking of weekend, I am loving the new Calvin Harris.

I have seen some criticism out there in the blogsphere but I don't buy it for a second. It's a sophomore album. In the second album, don't be surprised if the artist grows. If the artist grows, don't hate.

Calvin Harris uses many of the staples that got him noticed in the first place - electro beats, catchy vocals, and synthpop goodness. Ready for the weekend is no different but the sound has evolved. The overall impression I have got listening to this album for the last day is that the production value has skyrocketed. I am not sure if was a change in studio or him spending more time but each song is polished and crisp. Here's a little teaser:

Calvin Harris "Ready for the Weekend"

Also some fun remixes that have already been released:

"Ready for the Weekend" Fake Blood Remix

Ready for the Weekend" High Contrast Remix

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last post for awhile - Common Market

First off, I will be away for a while. The week is flying by and my vacation is now rapidly approaching. I am planning on taking my laptop with me but who wants to work on the computer while they are in South Beach? I wanted to leave some tunes with you while I am away. I offer a brilliant EP and full length album for you to explore.

I found Common Market on the internet two weeks ago. I buddy of mine pointed me towards the Tobacco Road full length and I was pleasantly surprised. The beats are tasty and the flow is on point. So far I have heard the "Winters End EP" and it as good or better than the full length. The EP features some live marching band percussion of trombones and such. It has sort of a New Orleans street band feel to it on a few tracks. It is a nice departure in sound from the hip hop I usually hear. I hope that Common Market can breath some fresh air and life into the industry. Decide for yourself if they are succeeding:

Tobacco and Snow Covered Roads from "Tobacco Road"

Brasso from "Winter's End EP"

Escaping Arkham from "Winter's End EP"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pete and the Pirates are back...

I love it when I start to see new singles. That can only mean one thing... New Album. Pete and the Pirates have been a SBA favorite since I first heard them. I love their quirky post punk sound. Based soley the new Jennifer EP, it sounds like they are up to their old ways again. Can't wait to hear more...

Jennifer - Pete and the Pirates

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ulterior Music has done it again

I was wondering where these guys were. It has been almost two months since I have seen anything on their blog then today - massive, massive uploads. Go here to see what I mean.

If you haven't heard Ulterior Music you are in for a real treat. They find the best DJ sets worldwide and post them for free. I started downloading Diplo live in Amsterdam right before I started this blog and now his set is playin from overseas. It is that easy. These guys have revolutionized the live mixtape. So many djs, so many sets, not enough time. Okay, now for the teaser if you haven't already left yet...

Bloody Beetroots
Van She
Fake Blood
AC Slater
Alex Metric
Boys Noize
Major Lazer
Miss Kitten
Hot Chip
Booka Shade

That is only a tiny sample of what was uploaded for June and July. That's just Crazy...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you like Major Lazer, you have download this mix

Give the Gorilla vs Bear blog some love. They just posted a nasty Major Lazer mash up from Mishka. I don't care where you download it either at Mishka or at Gorilla vs Bear, or here at SBA, just get this mix. Mishka celebrated their one year, 10th mix in a big way. They brought in Major Lazer to throw down a nasty 40 minute dancehall/electro/mash-up. First listen now and I know this is already an instant classic. Thanks Mishka for consistently bringing the hot tunes!

NASA "Whachadoin?"

NASA - Whachadoin?

I have to admit that I didn't like the NASA album in general but there were a few standout tracks like "Gifted." "Whachadoin?" featuring SBA favorites MIA, Spankrock, and Santogold wasn't on it???. What's the deal with that? Anyways, good song and great video. If you like it, buy it here: N.A.S.A. - The Spirit of Apollo - Whachadoin? (feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold & Nick Zinner)

NASA - Gifted

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frightened Rabbit & We Were Promised Jetpacks Coming to Atlanta

I have been a fan of Frightened Rabbit for some time now. I almost lost it today when I found out they were coming to Atlanta with another new favorite band. I have been listening to We Were Promised Jetpacks for a steady 36 hours now. Mark this on your calendar - September 27th, 7pm, The Masquerade - $12 ticket. Come on, really, $12? Bought my tickets this afternoon. I can't wait.

Here are the rest of the North American Tour Dates:

Sep 13 2009 8:00P
Monolith Festival Morrison, Colorado
Sep 14 2009 8:00P
Urban Lounge (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep 15 2009 8:00P
Neurolux (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Boise, Idaho
Sep 16 2009 8:00P
Neumo’s (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Seattle, Washington
Sep 17 2009 8:00P
MusicFest NW Portland, Oregon
Sep 18 2009 8:00P
The Independant (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) San Francisco, California
Sep 19 2009 8:00P
The Voodoo Lounge (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) San Jose, California
Sep 20 2009 8:00P
Knitting Factory (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Los Angeles, California
Sep 22 2009 8:00P
Plush (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Tucson, Arizona
Sep 24 2009 8:00P
The Mohawk (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Austin, Texas
Sep 25 2009 8:00P
Spanish Moon (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sep 26 2009 8:00P
Bottletree (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Birmingham, Alabama
Sep 27 2009 8:00P
The Masquerade (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Atlanta, Georgia
Sep 28 2009 8:00P
Club Downunder (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Tallahassee, Florida
Sep 29 2009 8:00P
The Social (with Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad) Orlando, Florida
Oct 1 2009 8:00P
Local 506 (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Oct 3 2009 8:00P
North Star (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 5 2009 8:00P
Black Cat Backstage (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Washington, Washington DC
Oct 6 2009 8:00P
Bowery Ballroom (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) New York, New York
Oct 7 2009 8:00P
Great Scott (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Allston, Massachusetts
Oct 10 2009 8:00P
El Mocambo (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Toronto, Ontario
Oct 11 2009 8:00P
Blind Pig (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Ann Arbor, Michigan
Oct 12 2009 8:00P
Empty Bottle (with The Twilight Sad and Brakes) Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Were Promised Jetpacks - These Four Walls

We Were Promised Jetpacks "Little Voices"

I heard this song tonight and fell in love with this band. I immediately downloaded the album and I am almost through. Every song holds up the the energy, rhythm, and overall bad-ass post punk speed that "little Voices" provides.

What is it about Scottish post-punk rock scene that makes my blood boil and my hair stand on end? I know it isn't me getting in touch with my Scottish heritage but I really do connect with the amazing talent coming out of this little country. This past year I have steadily been listening to The Maccabees and Frightened Rabbit. Just tonight I learned about We Were Promised Jetpacks and There will be Fireworks.

What an amazing time we live in. When bands world wide are all accessible with just a high speed internet. There is so much great "local" talent everywhere. There are too many creative people who love music, breath music, and make music their lives/lively hood for a select group of record companies to promote. Many don't get the exposure they deserve. We Were Promised Jetpacks is one of those bands. Hopefully with this little blog I can give them a few more fans...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Little Boots "Remedy"

It was almost a year a go I was writing about this talented female singer song writer. Then I could see it was only a matter of time before Little Boots would cross the pond and start to make a name for herself in America. I don't know if she is there yet but she has been getting an unbelievable amount of press in the U.K. The video for "New in Town" has been out for a few months now and I wasn't all too impressed with its quality. Although it is one of my favorite tracks on the Hands album, the video just didn't hold its own weight. Just today, Little Boots released the new single "Remedy". Great job on her second try. See it here on SBA: Thanks for the BBC for enabling embedded vids. Make sure you send them some love and check out the interview with Ms. Boots too on the BBC.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Joakim Water Bubblicious EP

Last weekend I was able to download a sample of Joakim's new Album "Milky Ways" due out in America on September 15, 2008. From the first two songs off the Watermelon Bubblicious EP Joakim - Watermelon Bubblicious - Single I can tell this is going to be a hot one. It's been two years since he release "Monsters & Silly Songs" Joakim - Monsters & Silly Songs and it looks like he has been busy building tracks specifically for the dance floor. The title track, "Watermelon Bubblicious" almost has a breaks feel to it with a nasty rolling distorted bass line that clashes with an electric piano/synth harp. "Nebula Laughter" is a nine minute electro orchestra track that builds layer upon layer until the only thing left is an ethereal guitar that drifts off in the distance. I am really excited to hear what else Joakim has up his sleeve in September.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Portugal. The Man

I usually wait until I get home and settled in after work to post anything up here for you all. I couldn't wait for this band. My time at work is usually accompanied by the new music that I run across. Today has been Portugal. The Man all day. I am literally on the third time listening to this album in a row.

I keep trying to wrap my head around their latest album "Satanic Satanist" which drops in July 21st on Equal Vision Records. I got Nostalgic listening to the album the very first time hearing this band. They possess a classic quality to them in addition to perfect pitch, great instrumentation, spot on production, and just great rock & roll. I am not usually a fan of this genera but Portugal. The Man has really opened my eyes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have already.

Make sure you check out the link to their web page. It's extremely interesting to see their take on people like me. It's a really interesting perspective on what artists really feel about leaked downloads, bloggers, and critics in general.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beirut Live!

Beirut is back with a new live album filmed in Brooklyn. I downloaded the audio "Beirut : live a Music Hall of Williamsburg" off of Beirut - Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg but you can also get a dvd version here. I started snooping around www.baeblemusic.com and they have a crap load of good live footage and bands.

Fans of Beirut are really going to like the new album. It starts off with a brand new single "East Harlem". Well it's new to us but Zack explains that he wrote the song when he was seventeen. The rest of the set drifts from "March of the Zapotec/Holland" to classics from the "Gulag Orchestra" and "The Flying Club Cup." It is amazing that such a relatively new artist makes me Nostolgic when I listen to his music. The best is saved for last, when Beirut comes out of no where to play the classic "Brazil". It short and sweet. The set list is lively. What a great find.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bodycode and a world of new minimal

My initial thought as listened to this release was that it's definitely minimal house but I was amazed by its complexity. Sitting in the dark, with the faint glow of our laptop illuminating the night, I got lost in the beats of BodyCode. The almost Tribal beats pinged from side to side as haunting vocals laid on top of layers of synthetic goodness. I found myself trying to follow the standard bump, bump, bump that is so cliche in house music but Bodycode seemed to squeeze double and triple bass hits where non should possibly fit.

The sound of Alan Abrams's newest release is literally a journey of his life. It is an intriguing blend of minimal glitch house of Berlin that merges with the passion of Portugal and deep rooted rhythms of South Africa. Alan grew up in South Africa in the years after the Apartheid. He later moved to Portugal where he was first introduced to house music in the Libson clubs scene. He currently resides in Berlin where he just released "Immune" Bodycode - Immune. This is only his second release under the alias Bodycode and I am already looking forward to his third. I just wonder what new journey will we hear next?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Deastro's Back

For those people who subscribe to emusic.com, we have been exposed to Randolph Chabot's musical project Deastro. Last year he released his first group of songs on an emusic only album, "Keepers". Last July I wrote about his genius and questioned why no record label has found this kid. Thankfully, Matthew Dear's Ghostly international signed Deastro.

Now the whole music community can experience Deastro's "Space Symphony." I read this description on the Ghostly International bio on Deastro. It a perfect way to sum up Deastro's first official album "Moondagger." Deastro - Moondagger (Bonus Track Version)

I love the synthesized back bone of this album. For one man, one creative influence, Chabot packs layers upon layers of synths in a symphony of electronic genius. It is difficult to describe the sound of 4, 5, 6 keyboards harmonizing in unison other than Space Symphony.

Not only is Randolph a master on the keyboard but is an amazing drummer. The beat is what distinguishes Deastro from the rest of the pack doing synth-pop these days. Each song is energized with rock beats that permiate through the layers/synthetic textures and ghostly/reverbed vocals to create a unique sound that is "Deastro".

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Chip - A Tale of Two CDs

First of all, let me make this clear. Hot Chip kills it in their new double disk album, "Another Bugged out Mix." The boys mixed two cds for the mix series and it was just released last month.

The two cds are night and day in style and content. The first album starts off literally running as it jumps straight into a fast John Tejada Track. The first disk is tightly mixed house/techno the rolls from track to track. Every few songs is complimented with a rare Hot Chip House remix. The tracks and the Hot Chip tracks are perfectly picked out. Each selection seems like it belongs. By far, one of the best mixed cds I have heard in a while.

Now the second CD sounds like the after party after the first disk club mix. It is almost as if each member stumbled over to the decks to put their favorite songs on after coming back from the club. This disk is ALL over the place. From 70's R&B to 90's Hip Hop, you name it. The mixing is loose and they take a bunch of liberties. As my friend and I were talking about it, this disk would be perfect for the 4am after party. At that point no one cares about the mixing or song order, just play some good shit dj.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do.

For over a month now I have been hearing the hype about Major Lazer's new Album "Guns don't kill people... Lazers Do. Major Lazer - Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do (Bonus Track Version)" Major Lazer did not disappoint with their debut album. From the moment the album starts with "Hold the Line feat. Mr. Lexx and SantiGold" you get the feeling that you are going to be in for a hell of a ride. With so many great tracks, I am sure will be hearing these these Reggae inspired tracks across the country.

Major Lazer, if you don't know, is a collaboration work between Diplo and Switch. With this project both Switch and Diplo channeled their inner Rastafarian. They both move 180 degree from their electronic backgrounds to create a diverse Reggae-centered album. In Fact they created the perfect soundtrack for the first Jamaican Superhero, Major Lazer. If you like Dance hall, Reggae, Electro, and incredibly bass heavy electronic music; Major Lazer is here to save you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catch The Macabees while you can, New York!

Oh what I wouldn't give to see The Macabees's two upcoming US dates. Not only are they playing in Brooklyn @ Williamsburg music hall on the 20th of July but also doing a show on the 22nd @ The Mercury Lounge. Guess who's opening. Non-other than the talented Miike Snow who is now showing up everywhere.

The only reason why I bring this up is that these guys are one of my favorite bands from across the pond. Their Colour It In record has been trapped on my MP3 player for month's now. I can't go a few days without listening to it.

They play with such energy. If I am ever dragging whether it be on the stationary bike to nowhere or 3:58 on a Thursday (wishing I could be outside golfing) a few minutes of The Macabees clear me up. If you haven't heard them before, check them out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NPR - Not your parents radio anymore

I have finally jumped on the NPR band wagon. Maybe it is a sign of me getting old (turning 30 in a month, yikes!) but I am really enjoying NPR these days. The best feature that is slowly eating up my hard-drive state is NPR Concerts from All Songs Considered.
Two weeks ago I saw a twitter about one of our favorites Passion Pit preforming live in DC for NPR. Once I started browsing the concert achieves I lost it. Two out of three bands we live. One of every three bands I love. Their index is amazing. Free to download through podcast on itunes and you can stream at any time. If they have this many great bands here, I can't wait to explore the ones I DON'T know...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Is that a typo or is your name really Miike Snow?

Why a buddy of mine gave me the Miike Snow debut self titled album I thought surely he had made a typo. Miike? What is that all about.

Actually, the band is named after Japanese film director Takashi Miike. The trio of Andrew Wyatt, Christian Karlsson, and Pontus Winnberg meet back in 2004 when working on producing others music. They have stayed in touch ever since and in 2007 the band Miike Snow. The electronic-rock trio have come from strange past (produce Britney Spear's Toxic) to create such an indie album Miike Snow - Miike Snow.

The Guardian believes their debut album is meant to be listened to as a whole and not as "explosive individual moments". It totally agree with this concept although I have some favorites like "Silvia" and "Black & Blue". Although the album is primarily an electronic centered piece it does have fun and poppy sound similar to Vampire Weekend. I was not phased when learning that they covered "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance".

If you are looking for something light and fun for the summer poolside party or BBQ this album will be a hit. Driving through the city with the sunroof open and the windows down pumping Miike Snow has made my summer just a little better. Thanks Dizzle for the funny named trio.