Monday, June 29, 2009

Deastro's Back

For those people who subscribe to, we have been exposed to Randolph Chabot's musical project Deastro. Last year he released his first group of songs on an emusic only album, "Keepers". Last July I wrote about his genius and questioned why no record label has found this kid. Thankfully, Matthew Dear's Ghostly international signed Deastro.

Now the whole music community can experience Deastro's "Space Symphony." I read this description on the Ghostly International bio on Deastro. It a perfect way to sum up Deastro's first official album "Moondagger." Deastro - Moondagger (Bonus Track Version)

I love the synthesized back bone of this album. For one man, one creative influence, Chabot packs layers upon layers of synths in a symphony of electronic genius. It is difficult to describe the sound of 4, 5, 6 keyboards harmonizing in unison other than Space Symphony.

Not only is Randolph a master on the keyboard but is an amazing drummer. The beat is what distinguishes Deastro from the rest of the pack doing synth-pop these days. Each song is energized with rock beats that permiate through the layers/synthetic textures and ghostly/reverbed vocals to create a unique sound that is "Deastro".

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