Friday, March 27, 2009

What is it with opening bands lately

Please don't get me wrong. I love cut copy. They were great last night but Matt & Kim killed it. Utterly killed it.

Maybe I am just punk drunk off these two but I have never seen a band that enjoys what they do - more then they do. From the minute they stepped on stage, they were so engaging and humble.

When you watch these two together you feel like you just got invited to see them play live in thier basement. They play together like no one is watching and it just the two of them having fun and goofing off. I can't count how many times they tried to include the crowd or said how happy they were just to be here. There was not an ounce of entitlement with them.

A great example is between one of the songs, they were talking about the drunkness from the night before at MJQ. They went into a story about afterwards ending up at the Marietta Dinner at 2am on a Wednesday. They walked into a Furry meeting. They then went on to say this craziness is why they love Atlanta and they were happy to be here.

I hope their experience here will make them come back. I am really not one to loiter around after a show to try and meet the band but I wanted to thank them for a great night. Back by the bar Kim was eating fries and hanging out with two of her local friends who came to the show. I said a quick, "you guys killed it tonight and I had been really looking forward to the show." She was the one who was thanking me for coming out to see them. Down to earth, humble and gifted is Matt & Kim. I hope they never change.

Enjoy the Playlist - 9 song set (missed one while taking pictures...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In search of Rap

I ran accoss this video yesterday on Alaska in Winter's youtube page. Now I am seaching for Hari Ziznewski's side project Rap. Their myspace page was no help although they do have three tracks on it. Unfortunately I don't think they have any albums/eps. If anyone knows of any more info, please comment...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Alaska in Winter

Balkan lowrider anthem off Dance Party in the Balkans

According to Wikipedia, "Alaska in Winter is an American electronic band consisting of front man Brandon Bethancourt, who dropped out of art school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and reportedly, "spent a semester in a tiny cabin out in the middle of nowhere Alaska recording music on a laptop during the winter" and which later came to be known as the project, "Alaska in Winter"."

I love this idea. If it true, which is questionable due to it's source, it is one of the most amazing band creation stories I have ever heard. Everytime I listen to this group, I get this picture of teenage angst and unshaken creativity growing in complete and utter isolation.

Berlin off Holiday (2008)

I have heard this band described as Beirut meets Junior boys. Brandon Bethancourt does enlist many of the Beirut cast in the first release, "Dance Party in the Balkans". He even gets Zach Condon to appear on a few track both in instrumentation and vocals. The second album, Holiday, takes an entirely different turn altogher. While instrumentation played front and center on Dance Party in the Balkans, Holiday's real star is the electronica and beats. Like any kind of evolution, I can appreciate both albums. I am patiently waiting for what is next for Brandon.

The Homeless and the hummingbirds off Dance Party in the Balkans

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mole "As High as the Sky"

The Mole is little know Canadian DJ and producer, Colin De La Plante. He is released his debut album "As High as the Sky" onWagon Repair Records. Although this ablum was relased in 2008 he has been producing singles and EPs since early 2001. I have a feeling that this popularity just in Canada isn't going to last for long. The guy can create super hot beats.

The album reminds me of a snowball rolled down a mountain of fresh powder growing faster and larger by the second. The longer the cd goes the more the beats build on top of each other. The samples and loops weave in an out and at times perfectly together. One of my favorite aspects of this album is that the intensity and music never stops. It is not a mixed album by stretch of the imagination but each song drops perfectly into the next.

I usually try to give you all a video or a song to wet the apetite but this week I was shut out. I wasn't kidding, finding information on The Mole wasn't easy and to find a video was impossible. Hopefully in 2009 that will change.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harlem Shakes

I went to the Tokyo Police Club concert to hear the TPC only. I decided to check out the Harlem Shakes myspace before the show to see if it was worth getting to the Earl early. That is always a tough decision. Do I really want to drink bottom shelf liquor and drown in cigarette smoke? I decided that these guys were worth the risks.

They played like they were the featured band. By the end of the show there were physically exhausted and were drenched in sweat. Everything that Tokyo Police Club lacked they provided. Ususally in a concert there will be a specific moment that everything clicks: the music sounds perfect, the preformers are in unison, and a connection is felt. That moment is amazing because you physically see the fruits of hundreds of hours practicing, struggling, and sacraficing to be a musician. During this concert, every song had one of these moments. I literally had chills running up my spine. I couldn't stop from smiling and feeling fortunate that I could record this moment in my history. Here are some of my favorite songs from the concert (If you double click the player, it will take you to youtube where you can view in HD):

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Neon Walrus

I still know very little about this band. They come from Mexico. Their website is entirely in Espanol. Yo no comprendo espanol. Even Wikipedia came up with a blank.

So this is what I do know. Their self titled ep is like a breath of fresh air. Their sound is a mixture between postal service and just jack. There are six tracks on the EP. John Solo is the featured track and it comes with three remixes. There are two more original tracks, one in spanish and one in english.

All I know is that I will keep my eyes peeled for more. One EP is such a tease...

Monday, March 2, 2009

MSTRKRFT best decision yet

I was able to hear a leak of the new album, "Fist of God". The premise of the new album is MSTRKRFT collaborations with literally everybody - Lil Mo, N.O.R.E., Isis, John Legend, Jahmal(The Carps), E-40, Ghostface Killah, and Freeway. This has been their best decision to date.

I hope they release "Heartbreaker - featuring John Legend" first. This release will do to MSTRKRFT what Kayne West did to Justice. Keep an eye out for MSTRKFRT in 2009. The album is absolutely solid but this collaboration between John Legend is solid gold. Maybe even Platinum. Not only is the track commerical sellable to everyone including the electro/dance kids but the vocals and production are some of the best I have heard from either artist. Fans of MSTRKRFT will not be disappointed with "Fist of God" and those new to this groups should not hesitate to check them out.