Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harlem Shakes

I went to the Tokyo Police Club concert to hear the TPC only. I decided to check out the Harlem Shakes myspace before the show to see if it was worth getting to the Earl early. That is always a tough decision. Do I really want to drink bottom shelf liquor and drown in cigarette smoke? I decided that these guys were worth the risks.

They played like they were the featured band. By the end of the show there were physically exhausted and were drenched in sweat. Everything that Tokyo Police Club lacked they provided. Ususally in a concert there will be a specific moment that everything clicks: the music sounds perfect, the preformers are in unison, and a connection is felt. That moment is amazing because you physically see the fruits of hundreds of hours practicing, struggling, and sacraficing to be a musician. During this concert, every song had one of these moments. I literally had chills running up my spine. I couldn't stop from smiling and feeling fortunate that I could record this moment in my history. Here are some of my favorite songs from the concert (If you double click the player, it will take you to youtube where you can view in HD):

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