Friday, March 27, 2009

What is it with opening bands lately

Please don't get me wrong. I love cut copy. They were great last night but Matt & Kim killed it. Utterly killed it.

Maybe I am just punk drunk off these two but I have never seen a band that enjoys what they do - more then they do. From the minute they stepped on stage, they were so engaging and humble.

When you watch these two together you feel like you just got invited to see them play live in thier basement. They play together like no one is watching and it just the two of them having fun and goofing off. I can't count how many times they tried to include the crowd or said how happy they were just to be here. There was not an ounce of entitlement with them.

A great example is between one of the songs, they were talking about the drunkness from the night before at MJQ. They went into a story about afterwards ending up at the Marietta Dinner at 2am on a Wednesday. They walked into a Furry meeting. They then went on to say this craziness is why they love Atlanta and they were happy to be here.

I hope their experience here will make them come back. I am really not one to loiter around after a show to try and meet the band but I wanted to thank them for a great night. Back by the bar Kim was eating fries and hanging out with two of her local friends who came to the show. I said a quick, "you guys killed it tonight and I had been really looking forward to the show." She was the one who was thanking me for coming out to see them. Down to earth, humble and gifted is Matt & Kim. I hope they never change.

Enjoy the Playlist - 9 song set (missed one while taking pictures...)

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