Thursday, January 28, 2010

Florence and the Machine

I think there is a strong connection between the artist and the quality of the songs they decide to remake. Florence and the Machine showed up on my radar last year with their cover Beirut's "post cards from Italy". One of my favorite songs of all time sung by this incredibly unique voice.

The song made an impression on me. That name stuck with me. A few months ago I saw Florence and the Machine on emusic and downloaded it based on their cover of Beirut alone. One of the best decision, music wise, of 2009. Not only did this album catch my attention but other artist jumped on it too. Just another example of this remix theory. Look at the people who have remixed Lungs-

The XX (one of the hottest bands on tour right now):

To 8 Bit (another huge name in the dubstep movement):

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jaydiohead - Encore

I first heard about Max Tannone a year ago when a friend tipped me off on the first Jaydiohead Project. At the time, I thought the idea of mashing Radiohead beats and Jay-Z vocals was crazy. It seems like it would never work. One listen to the first mix and I was hooked. I am not a huge Jay-Z fan but I am life long Radiohead junkie. This project alone made me a fan of Jay-Z. It is really interesting in hearing him in an entirely different context beat wise.

Encore is exactly what it states. Another five brilliant mash-ups that dig way deep into the Radiohead archives. My favorite track on here is Reckoner's Encore. Listen here on SBA and please go to Max's site and download the album for free. Buy a tee-shirt while you are there and help a brother out.

Jaydiohead - Reckoner's Encore from Max Tannone on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Throwback Tuesday - Bill Laswell + Bob Marley = Heaven

Okay before you jump on me about someone having the audacity to remix Bob Marley; open you mind and your ears. It sounded looney to me as well the first time someone told me about this album. How could someone really mess with a legend. Well Bill Laswell had the balls to do it and it works.

I actually stole this album from my brother on the way up to college as a freshman. I thought I was such the shit. I remember trying to impress the ladies with my cool Bob Marley dub mash up and my black light. What can I say, this album is incredible mood music. Back in the day it helped and awkward 19 year old break the ice.

Still to this day if I have had a horrible day or just need something to unwind in the tub with, I find Bill Laswell's Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub. The entire album is one long journey of the know and unknown. Its almost like a Bob Marley stream on conscience. Every few minutes Laswell brings you back with a hook or baseline from the Legend and then drifts off again only to return again.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tale of Two Alley Cats... Hot Chip Review

Maybe it was the fever we were running that night. Maybe it was the shock of hearing a new song "Alley Cats" on a night of so many old classics. Back in October of 2008, I got a sneak peak into the new Hot Chip album "One Life Stand." Honestly, I wasn't too impressed at the time. Neither was the lady standing next to me that kept asking if I was recording the concert to sell on ebay.

Fast forward another year plus I got another great gift, the ability to preview One Life Stand before its February release. On my first listen, I was immediately drawn back to "Alley Cats." I know "One Life Stand" is the fist single to be released but "Alley Cats" is the star of the LP. It starts subdued and quiet but picks up speed throughout the song until the harmonizing at the end between Joe and Alexis, runs chills up the back of your spine. The production is incredible from start to finish on the album but is especially unique on Alley Cats. Just today, Tammy and I were driving down Buford Highway and this song came on. She commented on how much better the album version sounded. When I listen back to that youtube video, they did a phenomenal job with the song live. Its funny how perception plays such a huge role on your critique. Maybe we were not ready for THIS Hot Chip back on that night in 2008. All I know is each listen is a gift. I am now ready.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MYMY's Interview and Mixtape

Twitter is a strange and beautiful thing. 10 months ago my brother sent me a link to the twitter account he had set up for his company. As soon as I saw it, my mind starting spinning thinking about all the possibilities. Smith Blogs Atlanta is going strong in its second year and a big part of this movement is twitter. We are only fourteen days into the new year and I am pleased to bring you my second interview and great mix to go with it.

I don't remember when I started following Morrison of the MYMY's but I always enjoyed the content (the English ones). Morrison currently lives in Den Bosch, Netherlands and is a regular contributor on the blog - the girl and mymy's. The Girl is Anne who supplies the art and fashion. The MYMY's are Jasper, his brother, and Morrison who update the blog with music that they are passionate about. It so bizarre how similar our taste in music is even being thousands of miles away. When I saw that The MYMY's were uploading a mixtape I got excited after reading about all the music they are in to. I hope you enjoy the mix and keep reading below for our twitter-view this morning (Sorry Morrison, A conference call cut the interview short). I highly suggest following this crew too on twitter (Anne, Morrison, and Jasper)

Recently added mix by The MYMY's crew

SBA: Hey good morning! How are you feeling?

MYMY's: morning? haha oh yeah right different time zone hehe Ow i'm doing better! still a bit tired!

SBA: forgot about that! what time is it over there? It's not really morning in Atlanta, 10:51 am...

MYMY's: haha here it's 16:49 twitter really makes borders disappear. so what did you want to talk about? I'm all ear!

SBA: who are the mymy dj's. Jasper and yourself right?

MYMY's: jasper just joined the conversation! We are actually with three guys but the other guy is really busy with his work

SBA: When Did you guys start spinning together? I saw on your blog that you also produce. anything new coming?

MYMY's: we started spinning together last year. in the summer! I was producing for a long time and spoke to allot of labels but they all said that I should start DJ so I could spread my music faster! and that's How I rolled in Dj-ing. We're not signed yet but we just keep on producing, we're now working on a Hip Hop Project the 'PC EP' pc = perry Crack. Perry Crack is the Peacock who hang with us at the kinder garden when we chill there in our time off!

SBA: Your mixtape is more the glitchy electro. Which do you like producing more hip hop or electro? Is PC up on soundcloud?

MYMY's: Uhm I guess we like Electro better or better say Frenchy techno (with our own flavor) PC will take sometime because we only make the beats and the others need to approve and make lyrics on it!

SBA: Is there a local electro scene in Den Bosch or do you guys travel to Amsterdam for that?

MYMY's uhm Den bosch is coming up with his house scen but the house scene aint that much we're moving to Amsterdam this summer, because it is easier with dj-ing and our plans!

SBA: Morrison, I look forward to following you and jasper in the coming months. Good luck with the move! Got to run. Is your 3rd partner up on twitter? How about Anne? Thxs again for mixtape and would love 2 post some production when done

MYMY's: @jesuisanne (Anne) Is our blog partner! uhm the third party is the brother of Jasper but he'll join later when we've come a bit more known when we made a name because we want our own magazine and record label. that's where he comes in! So basicly we are with 4. (2 dj's producers) jep I'll give you a couple of tracks soon ! we'll work on it remaster & stuff

SBA: I will be looking forward to it! Have a good afternoon. Thanks for taking the time to chat. I'm really late now. Cya

MYMY's: Ow ok bye! notify me when you posted it! ;) thank you and no problem!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Throwback Tuesdays - Interpol "Turn on the Bright Lights"

Interpol - Stella was a Diver

The first time I heard that song I was hooked. The etherial guitars mixed with Paul Banks voice was hipgnotic. Back in 2001 I was way big into hip hop, downtempo, and electronic music I picked up at the weekend raves. Out of no where my buddy Andy started playing this amazing rock and roll. That burned cd got literally played out. I think it is still around here with a transparent hole in the body of it. They have been going strong for nine years and by the looks of their website, there is more to come in 2010. Bring it!

Interpol - Untitled

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mindgutter - Some Hot Beats for Winter

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Now that the snow is falling in Georgia, I thought maybe I should share a favorite new dj duo. They go by the name of Mindgutter. They are blowing up right now down in Australia by spinning some of the baddest electro you will hear. I saw them pop up on the Stoney Roads blog and the track list alone got me to download this Mindgutter NYE Teaser mix. What really caught my eye was the final song, The XX remixing Florence and the Machine. If you haven't heard this song yet, it is worth a listen. I didn't think the original could get any better but The XX does a crazy good job. Its the perfect end to an incredible 45 minute mix. It's also a perfect way to heat up a cold night in Georgia. Enjoy...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Throwback Tuesday - Soundbombing Part Two

When I first heard this compilation at the start of the last decade (wow that sounds strange), I nearly lost it. So many tracks I had never heard before. So many artist I didn't know! So many artist I loved already.

There wasn't a house party that we threw that didn't play this cd. There wasn't a road trip to South Florida that didn't consist of a little Soundbombing Two. For years, this album was a soundtrack to my time at the University of Florida from walking to class to watching the sunrise from the night before. Even now, 10 years later, I can't listen without moving in my seat.

They don't make Mixtapes like this anymore, look at this artist list -> Eminem, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli, R.A. the Rugged Man, Mos Def, The Beat Junkies, Sadat X, Bahamadia, Dilated Peoples, Company Flo, Common... To top it off, the beat junkies mix this compilation flawlessly. It a classic.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nosaj Thing Brings in the New Year

I have spent days listening to "Drift" by Nosaj Thing. I am no closer to an album review today than I was when I first heard this album four days ago. Does it do the artist justice by just saying, "Trust me, it's that good, buy it Nosaj Thing - Drift?" I tried writing a review last night but I got as lost in the review as I do in his music. How do you describe something completely foreign to you on so many levels. It has been years since I heard music that made me feel like this.

Maybe I should start with a comparison - The music of 2001 Space Oddssy composed by RJD2. Nah, that doesn't work either. Let's try a description from Nosaj Thing's myspace:

"His electronic soundscapes and wild beat tectonics play like vignettes that affect the listener's mind as deeply as he hits their soul. Nosaj Thing creates nothing less than the sound mastery of beat driven, experimental electronics from a gifted noise constructor."

Enough words already! I will try and let the music do the talking...


Nosaj Thing from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Nosaj Thing "live"

Coat of Arms