Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Throwback Tuesday - Bill Laswell + Bob Marley = Heaven

Okay before you jump on me about someone having the audacity to remix Bob Marley; open you mind and your ears. It sounded looney to me as well the first time someone told me about this album. How could someone really mess with a legend. Well Bill Laswell had the balls to do it and it works.

I actually stole this album from my brother on the way up to college as a freshman. I thought I was such the shit. I remember trying to impress the ladies with my cool Bob Marley dub mash up and my black light. What can I say, this album is incredible mood music. Back in the day it helped and awkward 19 year old break the ice.

Still to this day if I have had a horrible day or just need something to unwind in the tub with, I find Bill Laswell's Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub. The entire album is one long journey of the know and unknown. Its almost like a Bob Marley stream on conscience. Every few minutes Laswell brings you back with a hook or baseline from the Legend and then drifts off again only to return again.

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