Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Throwback Tuesdays - Interpol "Turn on the Bright Lights"

Interpol - Stella was a Diver

The first time I heard that song I was hooked. The etherial guitars mixed with Paul Banks voice was hipgnotic. Back in 2001 I was way big into hip hop, downtempo, and electronic music I picked up at the weekend raves. Out of no where my buddy Andy started playing this amazing rock and roll. That burned cd got literally played out. I think it is still around here with a transparent hole in the body of it. They have been going strong for nine years and by the looks of their website, there is more to come in 2010. Bring it!

Interpol - Untitled

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Diane said...

Interpol is my favorite "new" band (versus my New Wave classics all time favs). I have an unhealthy obsession with Carlos D since the first time I saw them play and he looked like some kind of 1940's German w/ a gun holster that he held his cigarettes in. I have been pretty bummed that I haven't seen them play since 2007 so I can't wait for their new album and tour. I miss my boys!