Thursday, January 14, 2010

MYMY's Interview and Mixtape

Twitter is a strange and beautiful thing. 10 months ago my brother sent me a link to the twitter account he had set up for his company. As soon as I saw it, my mind starting spinning thinking about all the possibilities. Smith Blogs Atlanta is going strong in its second year and a big part of this movement is twitter. We are only fourteen days into the new year and I am pleased to bring you my second interview and great mix to go with it.

I don't remember when I started following Morrison of the MYMY's but I always enjoyed the content (the English ones). Morrison currently lives in Den Bosch, Netherlands and is a regular contributor on the blog - the girl and mymy's. The Girl is Anne who supplies the art and fashion. The MYMY's are Jasper, his brother, and Morrison who update the blog with music that they are passionate about. It so bizarre how similar our taste in music is even being thousands of miles away. When I saw that The MYMY's were uploading a mixtape I got excited after reading about all the music they are in to. I hope you enjoy the mix and keep reading below for our twitter-view this morning (Sorry Morrison, A conference call cut the interview short). I highly suggest following this crew too on twitter (Anne, Morrison, and Jasper)

Recently added mix by The MYMY's crew

SBA: Hey good morning! How are you feeling?

MYMY's: morning? haha oh yeah right different time zone hehe Ow i'm doing better! still a bit tired!

SBA: forgot about that! what time is it over there? It's not really morning in Atlanta, 10:51 am...

MYMY's: haha here it's 16:49 twitter really makes borders disappear. so what did you want to talk about? I'm all ear!

SBA: who are the mymy dj's. Jasper and yourself right?

MYMY's: jasper just joined the conversation! We are actually with three guys but the other guy is really busy with his work

SBA: When Did you guys start spinning together? I saw on your blog that you also produce. anything new coming?

MYMY's: we started spinning together last year. in the summer! I was producing for a long time and spoke to allot of labels but they all said that I should start DJ so I could spread my music faster! and that's How I rolled in Dj-ing. We're not signed yet but we just keep on producing, we're now working on a Hip Hop Project the 'PC EP' pc = perry Crack. Perry Crack is the Peacock who hang with us at the kinder garden when we chill there in our time off!

SBA: Your mixtape is more the glitchy electro. Which do you like producing more hip hop or electro? Is PC up on soundcloud?

MYMY's: Uhm I guess we like Electro better or better say Frenchy techno (with our own flavor) PC will take sometime because we only make the beats and the others need to approve and make lyrics on it!

SBA: Is there a local electro scene in Den Bosch or do you guys travel to Amsterdam for that?

MYMY's uhm Den bosch is coming up with his house scen but the house scene aint that much we're moving to Amsterdam this summer, because it is easier with dj-ing and our plans!

SBA: Morrison, I look forward to following you and jasper in the coming months. Good luck with the move! Got to run. Is your 3rd partner up on twitter? How about Anne? Thxs again for mixtape and would love 2 post some production when done

MYMY's: @jesuisanne (Anne) Is our blog partner! uhm the third party is the brother of Jasper but he'll join later when we've come a bit more known when we made a name because we want our own magazine and record label. that's where he comes in! So basicly we are with 4. (2 dj's producers) jep I'll give you a couple of tracks soon ! we'll work on it remaster & stuff

SBA: I will be looking forward to it! Have a good afternoon. Thanks for taking the time to chat. I'm really late now. Cya

MYMY's: Ow ok bye! notify me when you posted it! ;) thank you and no problem!

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