Thursday, January 28, 2010

Florence and the Machine

I think there is a strong connection between the artist and the quality of the songs they decide to remake. Florence and the Machine showed up on my radar last year with their cover Beirut's "post cards from Italy". One of my favorite songs of all time sung by this incredibly unique voice.

The song made an impression on me. That name stuck with me. A few months ago I saw Florence and the Machine on emusic and downloaded it based on their cover of Beirut alone. One of the best decision, music wise, of 2009. Not only did this album catch my attention but other artist jumped on it too. Just another example of this remix theory. Look at the people who have remixed Lungs-

The XX (one of the hottest bands on tour right now):

To 8 Bit (another huge name in the dubstep movement):

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