Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jaydiohead - Encore

I first heard about Max Tannone a year ago when a friend tipped me off on the first Jaydiohead Project. At the time, I thought the idea of mashing Radiohead beats and Jay-Z vocals was crazy. It seems like it would never work. One listen to the first mix and I was hooked. I am not a huge Jay-Z fan but I am life long Radiohead junkie. This project alone made me a fan of Jay-Z. It is really interesting in hearing him in an entirely different context beat wise.

Encore is exactly what it states. Another five brilliant mash-ups that dig way deep into the Radiohead archives. My favorite track on here is Reckoner's Encore. Listen here on SBA and please go to Max's site and download the album for free. Buy a tee-shirt while you are there and help a brother out.

Jaydiohead - Reckoner's Encore from Max Tannone on Vimeo.

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