Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tale of Two Alley Cats... Hot Chip Review

Maybe it was the fever we were running that night. Maybe it was the shock of hearing a new song "Alley Cats" on a night of so many old classics. Back in October of 2008, I got a sneak peak into the new Hot Chip album "One Life Stand." Honestly, I wasn't too impressed at the time. Neither was the lady standing next to me that kept asking if I was recording the concert to sell on ebay.

Fast forward another year plus I got another great gift, the ability to preview One Life Stand before its February release. On my first listen, I was immediately drawn back to "Alley Cats." I know "One Life Stand" is the fist single to be released but "Alley Cats" is the star of the LP. It starts subdued and quiet but picks up speed throughout the song until the harmonizing at the end between Joe and Alexis, runs chills up the back of your spine. The production is incredible from start to finish on the album but is especially unique on Alley Cats. Just today, Tammy and I were driving down Buford Highway and this song came on. She commented on how much better the album version sounded. When I listen back to that youtube video, they did a phenomenal job with the song live. Its funny how perception plays such a huge role on your critique. Maybe we were not ready for THIS Hot Chip back on that night in 2008. All I know is each listen is a gift. I am now ready.

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