Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mole "As High as the Sky"

The Mole is little know Canadian DJ and producer, Colin De La Plante. He is released his debut album "As High as the Sky" onWagon Repair Records. Although this ablum was relased in 2008 he has been producing singles and EPs since early 2001. I have a feeling that this popularity just in Canada isn't going to last for long. The guy can create super hot beats.

The album reminds me of a snowball rolled down a mountain of fresh powder growing faster and larger by the second. The longer the cd goes the more the beats build on top of each other. The samples and loops weave in an out and at times perfectly together. One of my favorite aspects of this album is that the intensity and music never stops. It is not a mixed album by stretch of the imagination but each song drops perfectly into the next.

I usually try to give you all a video or a song to wet the apetite but this week I was shut out. I wasn't kidding, finding information on The Mole wasn't easy and to find a video was impossible. Hopefully in 2009 that will change.

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