Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bodycode and a world of new minimal

My initial thought as listened to this release was that it's definitely minimal house but I was amazed by its complexity. Sitting in the dark, with the faint glow of our laptop illuminating the night, I got lost in the beats of BodyCode. The almost Tribal beats pinged from side to side as haunting vocals laid on top of layers of synthetic goodness. I found myself trying to follow the standard bump, bump, bump that is so cliche in house music but Bodycode seemed to squeeze double and triple bass hits where non should possibly fit.

The sound of Alan Abrams's newest release is literally a journey of his life. It is an intriguing blend of minimal glitch house of Berlin that merges with the passion of Portugal and deep rooted rhythms of South Africa. Alan grew up in South Africa in the years after the Apartheid. He later moved to Portugal where he was first introduced to house music in the Libson clubs scene. He currently resides in Berlin where he just released "Immune" Bodycode - Immune. This is only his second release under the alias Bodycode and I am already looking forward to his third. I just wonder what new journey will we hear next?

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