Monday, July 13, 2009

Portugal. The Man

I usually wait until I get home and settled in after work to post anything up here for you all. I couldn't wait for this band. My time at work is usually accompanied by the new music that I run across. Today has been Portugal. The Man all day. I am literally on the third time listening to this album in a row.

I keep trying to wrap my head around their latest album "Satanic Satanist" which drops in July 21st on Equal Vision Records. I got Nostalgic listening to the album the very first time hearing this band. They possess a classic quality to them in addition to perfect pitch, great instrumentation, spot on production, and just great rock & roll. I am not usually a fan of this genera but Portugal. The Man has really opened my eyes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have already.

Make sure you check out the link to their web page. It's extremely interesting to see their take on people like me. It's a really interesting perspective on what artists really feel about leaked downloads, bloggers, and critics in general.

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