Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deastro needs some press

I have been so impressed by this new artist. Well, I am not sure how new of an artist he is but if I can't find any information on Wikipedia, amazon, google... Let's just stop there. He released an album on Emusic last month and it has been going crazy on their charts. But I can't find anything, ANYTHING on this dude. I read that he produced the album in his parents basement at 22 but I am not even sure where that came from. He plays every instrument on the recording including drums, vocals, synths, guitar and such.

This is what I found off his myspace:

Randolph Chabot Jr. started to make electronic music when he was 13 at his home in Sterling Heights, MI. He finished his first album that year despite the ecstatic, aural trauma it caused his mother. He studied youth development in college with the intent of becoming a social worker, dropping out to pursue music full time. He formed an electro band called Veleciraptor, which inspired the ideas for his current synthesized projects: Our Brother the Megazord and Deastro, which try to blur the lines between electronic and acoustic music. All the music is made in Randolph's basement with the help of alot of sampled children's toys and synthesizers. Deastro's "the Young Planets" and Our Brother the Megazord's "Time the Teenage Twister" are set to be released as a 34 song double disc in July of 2007. He is currently working on songs for his acoustic project Jr. Jr. and the new Deastro album entitled "Dark Diamond."

Please, someone find him and get him out to the rest of the world. The stuff he is creating, in a basement, is not only creative and inspiring, but something that is unique to culture today. Everytime I listen, I hear Postal Service at their first recording session. I hear depechmode at their first jam session. You will hear him the future and if this is your first time hearing him here, enjoy...

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