Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Their is more to a band than their band name

Kook is a word I was introduced to in middle school by my high school brother. I was called a Kook. My friends were little Kooks. The nerds and unpopular in his class were labeled Kooks. Disdain. Humiliation. That is a Kook.

These Kooks don’t have anything to be ashamed of. I was introduced to this band three weeks ago by a good friend in Charlotte, NC, Chad. He played their cd at his house and I really liked what I heard. I brought it back to Atlanta on a mp3 cd. Two weeks later I got a chance to download it and put it digital form. They have been in steady rotation ever since. They are labeled post punk. Well, not really. I don’t see the punk side in them. I think angst, heavy guitar, loud cries of rebellion. They, on the other hand, have soulful lyrics, smooth British vocals, well produced guitar layers buried deep in sweet melodies. Almost like an indie-coldplay. I am sure they would hate that comparison but I hear it from time to time. Their second release “Konk” is packed full of great tracks. Tracks that make you think, “This one is a classic.” Something you could hear in ten years and still be relevant.

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