Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Chip - A Tale of Two CDs

First of all, let me make this clear. Hot Chip kills it in their new double disk album, "Another Bugged out Mix." The boys mixed two cds for the mix series and it was just released last month.

The two cds are night and day in style and content. The first album starts off literally running as it jumps straight into a fast John Tejada Track. The first disk is tightly mixed house/techno the rolls from track to track. Every few songs is complimented with a rare Hot Chip House remix. The tracks and the Hot Chip tracks are perfectly picked out. Each selection seems like it belongs. By far, one of the best mixed cds I have heard in a while.

Now the second CD sounds like the after party after the first disk club mix. It is almost as if each member stumbled over to the decks to put their favorite songs on after coming back from the club. This disk is ALL over the place. From 70's R&B to 90's Hip Hop, you name it. The mixing is loose and they take a bunch of liberties. As my friend and I were talking about it, this disk would be perfect for the 4am after party. At that point no one cares about the mixing or song order, just play some good shit dj.

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