Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey Winter, FUKKK OFFF!

Such a strange expression, Fukkk Offf... Not only is it an exclamation but it also is an attitude. Granted, I don't see as much of it down here in the South but any day on I-285 it will rear it's ugly head. This group is all attitude. They sound exactly like what you expect from such a vulgar exclamation.

They are nasty. Down right Nasty. Like, I need to wash my hands or my mouth out with soap; nasty. Dirty Electro beats that make you cringe with joy. Or at least that is my response to Fukkk Offf.

I found this group through one of my favorite mixtapes spun by a SBA favorite Vitalic. The track Vitalic used is titled "I Give you Bass" The song's hook states, "I punch my baseline, Into you Face, You can't Stop Dancing, I give you Bass." Yeah that's right, Fukkk Offf and don't forget to listen to some tunes below...

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