Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins

Sometime the best things in life come completely unexpected. Last night I was trying find a use for my final 12 downloads of the month from emusic and decided to revisit my saved folder. I don't even remember putting Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins in there. I started a preview of SL&CH while I continued to search for a good use of my last music for the month. Four songs into it, I was sold and immediately downloaded "Fascinating Fingers".

The LP has been on constant loop today. I got curious on whom these guys were and that lead me to this:

Surely this is a joke. Strange guy in the tiger mask and his mysterious cassette leaving partner. I went to their website, read the bit on Clutchy Hopkins. I half believe them when they say his identity is a mystery. One thing I do know for sure, these guys aren't a joke or gimmic.

Their music is a intriguing mix of live instraments and synthesizers. There is an underlying funk that blends with their trip hop sound. The age difference between the two creates a unique new sound that caught my attention. Maybe they will catch yours.

Mimi Tatonka

Root Trees

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