Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Throwback Tuesday - Dj Krush vs Coldcut "Cold Krush Cuts"

Last month Tammy suggested, "Instead of always posting new music, why don't you do a weekly blog about some of your old favorite music?" Every Tuesday I planned on starting... One month later we have the first installment of SBA's Throwback Tuesdays.

This album goes WAY back for me. "ColdKrushCuts" is the tag-team mix of Djs Coldcut and Krush. This album alone got me into Downtempo music. The first time I heard this album I was a sophomore in college living off campus. Our dentist student neighbor was really into anything and everything from the Ninja Tune Label. "ColdKrushCuts" the first cd he let me borrow and it changed my life. This once strickly hip hop kid started listening to electronic music. Still to this day, some ten years after hearing "ColdKrushCuts", I get chills when I listen to this mix.

Dj Krush Bonus Video going nuts in Atlanta from '07

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