Tuesday, October 13, 2009

!The Longcut - Open Hearts

Now I never listen to a band only once. I have found that in the past, I have really missed out of some incredible talent because I was unsure after a single listen. A great example is The Editors. A friend loaned me their cd a few years ago. After hearing part of the album I returned it. A half a year later I ran into that same group that I dismissed so eagerly before and fell in love with their sound.

!The Longcut are becoming one of those bands for me. It seriously took me half the album to get used to Stuart Ogilvie's singing style. Each song confused me. Are these guys rock or are the electronic? Do I like this? The first listen was intriguing enough to go back for more. Now the album is in steady rotation. Each listen I am liking their unique post rock, punk, electronic sound more and more.

In this ever evolving music scene I am starting to break down my perceptions on *fill in the bland* music should sound like. These guys were introduced to me as being in the same company as The Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers. Based on that, I was expecting something totally different from what !The Longcut are. It was so different that I almost fell into my old trap. I am just glad that I played their album one more time because now I am hooked.

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