Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The XX marks the spot

I go through a lot of music on a weekly basis. I have a bit of a problem, it is a form of musical A.D.D. Many bands don't last with me but when I heard The XX for the first time, they stopped me in my tracks.

The group is only made of four. One beat programmer, one rhythm guitarist, one lead singer on bass and one on guitar. Seems like a simple set up but they have a hell of a complex sound. The vocals play perfectly off each other and the guitars sound like they are playing games with each other. I find myself getting lost in their melancholy sound everywhere. The XX succeeds in what I think the ultimate goal is, to separate the listener from all the drama, pain, boredom, apathy, and stress, of their life and take them somewhere else.

If you like the tracks here, please support these guy by downloading their album here --> The xx - xx (Bonus Track Version)

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