Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vitalic - Flash Mob - My Ears have been opened again...

Just when I thought I had heard it all, a group called Vitalic comes out of nowhere to literally leave me speechless. My friend Ryan described this group as the bastard son of Justice and Lindstrom... I was immediately intrigued by that description and downloaded the new album "Flashmob. (mini-mix audio :)" I had just enough time to transfer it over to my phone before going to the hawks game.

The hawks game turned into a night at Filter with George Acosta. The George Acosta set turned into a late night with friends. Around 3:30 am I remembered the Vitalic download from earlier and had Chris throw it on the surround sound. The first track, "See the Sea" start of with a glitched out sequence before the grimy baseline rolls through the track. I looked at Chris, Chris looked at Jorge, and Jorge looked at me. All three of us were speechless. After the three minute mark, the track breaks into a classic italio disco breakdown. We couldn't stop from dancing and smiling. Each track was more surprising than the previous. I have thought long and hard about how to describe Vitalic since Friday night but one word keeps coming back into my head, "EPIC."

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RDizzle404 said...

To be fair, the "bastard son of Justice and Lindstrom" description was actually a quote taken from the album review on