Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last post for awhile - Common Market

First off, I will be away for a while. The week is flying by and my vacation is now rapidly approaching. I am planning on taking my laptop with me but who wants to work on the computer while they are in South Beach? I wanted to leave some tunes with you while I am away. I offer a brilliant EP and full length album for you to explore.

I found Common Market on the internet two weeks ago. I buddy of mine pointed me towards the Tobacco Road full length and I was pleasantly surprised. The beats are tasty and the flow is on point. So far I have heard the "Winters End EP" and it as good or better than the full length. The EP features some live marching band percussion of trombones and such. It has sort of a New Orleans street band feel to it on a few tracks. It is a nice departure in sound from the hip hop I usually hear. I hope that Common Market can breath some fresh air and life into the industry. Decide for yourself if they are succeeding:

Tobacco and Snow Covered Roads from "Tobacco Road"

Brasso from "Winter's End EP"

Escaping Arkham from "Winter's End EP"

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