Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Afternoon conversation - "Why solo Artist Second Albums Suck"

Jorge and I rambled into a great conversation yesterday. Unfortunately Joakim was our test subject but I think we have figured out why solo (singer songwriter) Artist fail and the genius of the remix.

SBA: Listening to the New Joakim. I have had it for a while but overall, i am disappointed. Why can't all of his songs be good? Why fill an album with crap and a few songs that are decent.

Jorge: I didn't like it

SBA: He has to know they are crap, right?

Jorge: I tried more than once too

SBA: Its just noisy and bizarre. No one likes that. Then he will throw in a well produced, focused, and danceable tracks then back to the noisy and bizarre.

Jorge: I guess every artist has a couple songs they don't like, but the record labels wants to put out albums all the time

Jorge: That is why a lot of first albums are good and second albums not so good. They have a lot more time to make the first one

SBA: It is kind of pissing me off. I am changing it. (Put on) Portugal. The man. I feel better already. Now that is how to make an album.

Jorge: That is why a band like cut copy is so good.

Jorge: It's not easy making good music
they can evolve and keep it interesting and still make great singles

SBA: One quick point on this topic. Joakim is under a huge disadvantage. All the bands have collective influence. four minds can make innovative music better.

SBA: Maybe that is why only one in four Joakim songs are good

Jorge: That sounds logical, are you trying to convince me or you?

SBA: Maybe cut copy has as many stinkers, they just have 4 times the ideas to sort through

Jorge: Lol This album is really getting under your skin

SBA: I really want to like Joakim but I can't listen to his crap. I have moved on but i am still angry

Jorge: You should send him an email express yourself

SBA: I am going to blog my theory tonight. Why solo artist suck.

Jorge: Or maybe to his management?

SBA: Seriously. I think i am on to something. Maybe it should be titled, why solo artist's second albums suck.

Jorge: Maybe that is why even artists that aren't that good can still become popular because other people remix their songs


Jorge: Not that the songs are that bad, they just need different influences

SBA: Look at this goofball La Roux.

Jorge: To make then good I think you really may be onto something. So even artists that make bad music are necessary so that people with a real sense of music can remix it and make killer songs
yeah bad music that gets transformed into good music

SBA: Thanks. I have tons of information for my fight against shitty solo artist second album fails. Just hire someone to remix your crap album and enjoy the benefits

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Michael said...

Yeah I totally know what you mean when you guys spoke about 1st albums versus later albums. 1st albums to me usually portray an artist's true feelings before they become big and it's great because usually it is less produced and studio-ized than the later albums.
Oh well.