Monday, April 21, 2008

VHS OR BETA in Review

Last Monday Craig Pfunder and VHS OR BETA stormed through Atlanta with their spin on dance rock. They categorize their sound as elements of Rock, French House, and Dance-Punk. They played a little from each album. Sounds corney but they really are a mix of the three said adjectives.

I really liked the start of their set. It started with an ominous loop as they took the stage. Once they got going they rocked out to an extended instrumental. It was nice way to break the ice and introduce the bands sound. I believe that song is off thier first album Le Funk.

If you haven’t heard anything off that album, I found a great interview with them in Bogota, Columbia. It talks about their though process as a band in forming their sound. Check it out if you have time.

They immediately went into some new stuff off the new album, Bring on the comets. Here is a video of them playing "Burn it all down."

My favorite moment of the night was when they played “You Got Me”. My friend Zero was down in Virginia Highlands (section of Atlanta) a few years ago. The bar he was at was having a Hot Chip release party for their new album at the time. They were giving away astralwerks promotion cds. The first song on it was “You Got Me”. Although I had never bought any of their music, I always remembered that song.

When I heard that VHS OR BETA was coming through town I had to check them out. It had been years since hearing them but that song kept running though my head. They did not disappoint. They were fun and carefree even though The Earl was throwing every curve ball they could from faulty ear-pieces to malfunctioning monitors. Here is them playing my favorite track from them, “You Got Me”

If you would like to see all the song preformed at:

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