Friday, November 21, 2008

World; Meet Yeasayer

I was introduced to this Broklyn band over a month ago. I dismissed them the first time I heard them. Strange. Bizzare... Beautiful? Amazing? Yes to all of them. They describe themselves as "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel." Don't dismiss these guys or you will miss out on something incredible. One time through and I heard a song I was begining to dig. Two times through and, wow, half this album is great. Three times through and I felt amazed and over whelmed.

I never was a fan of Pink Floyd but I respect them as musicians. I have heard tons of their music and never caught on. I hear their influence in Yeasayer. The acapella, the multiple pitches, the layered voices, the psycadelic undertones. Fast forward thirty five years with experimental approaches and modern technology, now you have Yeasayer 2007 release, "All Hour Cymbals". To say Pink Floyd fans would like Yeasayer is quite a leap but take a few minutes to give them a try.

Waiting for the Summer

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