Friday, November 7, 2008

night golfing with dani deahl

Thank you Jorge for driving to bfe, also called gwinnett, ga. I love riding in other people car's to get a feel for the person. Personality equals driving style, radio presets determine music taste when no one is around, what lies under the seat show really how clean someone is. With Jorge it always is a oporunity to hear another great mixtape downloaded off a hipster blog. On our hour long journey I got to hear most of Dani's new mixtape "puppy love.". She packs this hour with so many bangin tracks one after another after another after... You get the point. I almost didn't hear it due to jorge getting it stuck on repeat since the download but after 20 minutes in the car, he couldn't resist. He promissed a link so as soon as I locate this beauty of a mixtape, I will repost.

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Dani said...

Thanks for the compliment!!! You can download the mix at:

Thanks again,