Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Came From the Cloud - The Lempo and JapWow Project

The lempo and Japwow Project - Street Sounds by JapWOW

The second installment of the weekly Soundcloud project got delayed by work of all things. You would think that traveling would be a perfect time to search soundcloud for new and amazing artists but it is totally not. Inconsistent hotel internet connections and long hours driving in the car do wonders to kill all motivation for working on the blog. Well enough with the excuses and on to the music!

The Lempo and Japwow Project - Jack In Boots (Phoenix Music International) by JapWOW

I have been following The Lempo and JapWow project for a few months now on soundcloud. They began 2011 with a bang by releasing an incredible hot mixtape in early January. To be specific, it is their very first mixtape and consists mostly of their original remixes.

The Lempo and Japwow Project - MIXTAPE - Jan 2011 by Lempo and Japwow Project

Mike McGuiness and Nina Japwow are from Manchester, Englad. They are doing some really interesting stuff with house music these days. Their music consists of jazz and swing standards screwed and chopped to house beats. I love that they use Gypsy and Bollywood influence in some the tracks as well. For having 8 months of airtime on soundcloud, it is a shame that most of their tracks haven't gotten more play.

Japwow - Trumpet Smack by JapWOW

For now their music will be our little secret but I guarantee that it won't be for long. I could totally hear these beats shaking the dance floors in the USA and the UK. Until next week, enjoy!

Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria (Japwow gets dutch remix) by JapWOW

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