Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RZA - Gab-Gotcha "Japan" - Tsunami Memorial Track

Gab-Gotcha "Japan" by RZAWU

Japan has been in my thoughts and prayers since I woke up Friday in horror. I couldn't believe I was watching entire towns being washed away.

I blog about music and try to keep this blog clutter free. No one cares what I ate for breakfast or the most recent "hardship" at work. Basically all of that non-sense is a bunch of bullshit when you think about real hardships, like your town or city being washed away.

When I was 13 I learned the hard way what it was like to lose everything. I rode out an 8 hour category five hurricane that left me shipwrecked and homeless on a deserted island. When we were rescued I had my family, our dog, and the clothes on my back. I was alive. I still had family and we had relatives that housed us when we returned to the states.

In Japan there are survivors that have the clothes on their back. Whole families have been washed to sea and their relatives homes went with them. In retrospect, I was very lucky. I can't imagine the pain an entire country is dealing with in the days since the waves.

I found the RZA on Soundcloud just a few minutes ago before I started writing this blog post. He released a Tsunami inspired track two hours ago. It beautiful and reflective. It also allows me a music forum to express my prayers for the Japanese. God bless the thousands that perished last week.

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