Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Check you perceptions and bias at the door...

Next Friday (JUNE 13th) before Ladytron hits the stage you will be puzzled. I didn't know what to think the first time I heard them. If you are fortunate to go, there will be an act that will blend rock, punk, funk, soul, house, and elctro. No one I have heard makes every genra their own in such a creative, carefree, and fun manner. DataRock will be touring this year with Ladytron all the way from Bergen, Norway.

I am going to rely on their Bio from myspace to help explain:
DIY punk rockers by nature, but heavily influenced by the distinctive style and stage presence of groups like Talking Heads and Devo, the boys decided to ditch the thrash guitars in favor of the simple yet versatile Casio MT-64 keyboard and a Roland Groovebox. Toss in matching red track suits, a penchant for Transformers and John Hughes flicks, and two pairs of vintage Porsche wraparound sunglasses and you've got a little something called DATAROCK.

Check out a video or two and show up to the Variety Playhouse on the Friday. Not only is it a cheap show ($25 with Service Charge if bought directly from Variety Playhouse) and a rare chance to witness two unbelievable european acts. I haven't even mention Ladytron but just a sentence or two. I have been captivated by them since early 2000. They definatly be the shining main course but Datarock wil be the desert topping...

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