Thursday, September 11, 2008

Citizen Cope Comming

It is too bad that I am going to have to pass on the Citizen Cope concert coming up. On Monday October 13th at center stage, Citizen Cope strolls through Georgia with his laidback vocals and instrumentation. Is it folk, hip-hop, soul, rock, or reggae? The beauty about Cope is that is a little bit of all thrown into beautiful mix of genera, styles, and cultures. He brings a unique voice to an industry saturated with artist enslaved to popular culture.

Clarence Greenwood was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Washington DC. He began his musical career backing up the hip hop act Basehead as a DJ. After picking up the trumpet in grade school, Cope dropped it for the guitar. He has been making music since the mid 90’s. He got his first record contract with Capitol Records and over the next 11 years has jumped from label to label. It seems like he has finally settled down with RCA where he continues to Record. This latest tour is to promote his latest album “Every Waking Moment”. Based on his 2002 self titled album, that I have fallen in love with recently, I will buy this Every Waking Moment.

The great thing about Cope is his dedication to his fans. His last tour in 2004 spanned a 16 month grueling trip across the United States. He chooses live performance across the US to promote his album. The personal connection is what he wants the crowd to leave with. There is no more intimate of a venue that Citizen Cope, his guitar, and you. That is what you will get on Monday October 13th. If I only I could afford more shows…

Bullet and a Target - Citizen Cope

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