Friday, February 27, 2009

Tokyo Police Club _ March 5th in ATL

First of all, I have to admit that I am a lazy bastard. I hate going to the gym. The thought of cleaning is difficult to overcome. My personal lack of motivation is real shame because there is so much going on right now interms of music exploration and shows. I could post every day and still not cover it. You have my word. I will be better. We are already two months into 2009 and it is time to change. If you don't see posts in a timely manner, please comment "you suck". Thank you.

March is going to be bananas in Atlanta!

The first show of the month will be Tokyo Police Club at the Earl of all places. I have been kicking myself for over a year for not going out to see them the last time they were in Atlanta. When I heard about the show three weeks ago (again, lazy for not posting sooner) I had to get tickets. I hope there are still tickets out there for those who don't know who TPC is or those who didn't hear about it.

Here's alittle BIO from the most credit worthy Wikipedia

Tokyo Police Club formed in 2005 while playing for fun in a basement after the four had disbanded from a previous group called Suburbia. The band started to gain attention and played some small shows throughout the Toronto area. With a buzz forming in Montreal, Tokyo Police Club was asked to play in the city's Pop Montreal festival, and soon after they signed with Toronto label Paper Bag Records. According to an interview article: "The band’s Pop Montreal performance was a pivotal moment, even if they didn’t know it. Tipped off by another of their roster, Paper Bag Records checked out TPC’s performance, but the young band didn’t know what to expect. “[We] assumed that [labels] would see you once, bring a contract and a blank cheque, and say, ‘You guys are great! Now you are stars!’” Wright says. “So when they left before we were done we thought they hated us because they didn’t sign us on the spot.” The record deal came eventually, but not before Monks and Alsop told their parents they were dropping out of school to pursue their dreams." [1] In an interview, Graham said, "playing Pop Montreal was the only thing that made us be a band. In all seriousness, if it wasn't for that Pop Montreal festival, we wouldn't have done anything. Ever. I cannot overstate the importance of Pop Montreal." [2]

Since their formation the band has appeared in numerous festivals. Notably, in 2006 they appeared at Edgefest and the inaugural Osheaga Festival. In 2007, they performed at the Coachella music festival in Indio, California, at Lollapalooza in Chicago, at Bumbershoot in Seattle, at Glastonbury Festival and Reading Festival in England, in 2008 at Roskilde Festival in Denmark and at Rock am Ring-Festival in Germany, and Street Scene in San Diego.

In the fall of 2008, the band played on the last 6 weeks of Weezer's Troublemaker Tour along with Angels and Airwaves.

In terms of writing songs while on the road, Wright said in an interview: "We're really bad at writing on the road. We've been trying to write new songs since the summer, and just because we've been touring so often and everything's been so busy, it's been a struggle to find that time and find that groove that we have to get into to successfully write songs." [3]

Tokyo Police Club has been nominated for a Canadian Juno award for their 2008 album, Elephant Shell.

For February and March of 2009, the band is touring with Invisible Children Inc. to help raise awareness of the situation in Uganda that the film Invisible Children focused on.

Here's a little music to get you situated with TPC:

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