Thursday, July 22, 2010

Clarkness and the Evolution of Soundcloud

Live Set - Soft Black Is Good For The Mind by clarkness

On Sunday night I ran across this mix because of a fellow SBA favorite HipGnosis. Eric left some positive comments on Clarkness's Soundcloud page. I am always interested in what artist I like are saying about artist they like.

As soon as the mix started I had a really good feeling about this one. I started reading the track descriptions and was instantly captivated. Its not everyday that you get to read the creative process behind the choosing of artists for a mix. Having this information made the already great mix that more enjoyable.

The fact that many of these artist are Soundcloud account holders makes the music I can hear and learn about almost limitless from just one mix. Everyday I dig deeper and deeper into soundcloud and find more brilliant producers and djs like Clarkness. I hope you enjoy the mix and maybe this post can jump start your own Soundcloud journey.

Tracklist Description from Clarkness ---

"Right, here's the lowdown on this set. Features a lot of people I have met through Soundcloud. This place is the shit.

01 - Puffas - "Geyser" which starts off with me messing about with some samples from The Great Red Shark's remix of Sam Sally's "Wonders". The Great Red Shark has a ton of amazing tracks on his page. Quality Producer.

02 - Cathode - "While Making Other Plans"

03 - Samir - "Sinicuichi" - His soundcloud page can be found under the name SJMashlum. Played a few of his tracks. Loving his work.

04 - HipGnosis "New Dope" - Just recently met him through Twitter. He's on soundcloud too. Tons of music on his page as he hosts a Glitch.FM show and sticks them up for your listening pleasure. He asked me to do a guest mix for his show so excited about that. Check him out.

05 - Four Tet - Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix) - I love Four Tet and now I love Jon Hopkins. Amazing track.

06 - Aphex Twin - Xtal

07 - Kabaa Modern - Play It Back (Nev@ The Novossaratrovska FM Orchestras Way Of The River Remix) - Been keeping in touch with Kabaa Modern. Another podcaster and Soundcloud artist. Lots of free music over his way! Love his stuff.

08 - It breaks down into me messing with some samples from a track called "Indian Girl Dub" remixed by Dominic Owen. The original track is amazing but wouldn't really fit into this set. I recommend you get the original though as it is amazing.

09 - James Holden - Triangle Folds

10 - Shuqq - "Toybox" - Another dude I met on Soundcloud. His beats are mightily impressive. Love the way his stuff stomps along. Toybox is a bit out-there but I love it. You should check out more of his stuff.

11 - Simon Stokes - "Boggle" - Scottish producer I "met" a long time ago back when we were both putting mc909 videos on youtube. He's a top guy and has since managed to get tracks released. Respect. He's on soundcloud now. Check him out!

12 - Alan Clark - "Sicko" - This track is free download on my page. It's not really one for playing itslef but it is quality for dropping over tracks. It's long so you can fade in and out of it at your pleasure.

13 - Flo Rennt - "Nepper (Mindfuck Remix)

14 - Laurent Garnier - "Gnanmankoudjil (Horny Monster Remix)"

15 - Nathan Fake - "Charlie's House (Apparat Remix)" - Noticed recently he has jumped onto Soundcloud. Love his stuff. Seen his live set in the Arches in Glasgow last year. Amazing

16 - David Sol - "Thieves Of Sleep" - Just met him recently. I make ableton tutorial videos and this guy got in touch from the website. He said he used some things I taught when he made this. :D However, he hardly needs teaching. Amazing track and available for free on soundcloud."

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Alan Clark said...

Cheers mate,

Clarkness here! Loving the blog post! :D

I agree, I like to grab as much free music from soundcloud as possible and mix that up with more famous tunes.

Anyway, thanks for spreading the word, I appreciate it!