Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parov Stelar - The Phantom EP

Big news on the blog today... Or at least for me. I finally figured out the best way to bring you the best music I am hearing daily. Gone are the days of lame youtube videos still shots with music playing in the background.

From here on out you can visit my soundcloud page to stream the music that gets my blood pumping. Out of respect for the artist you will not be able to download these tracks but I highly recommend buying the music that you like there.

Speaking of buying some music, last night I was in heaven when I saw the new Parov Stelar available on emusic. The EP has three different versions of the new single but I think this 1930s version is the cats ass. In true Parov Stelar fashion it blends tasty electro with classic jazz and big band rhythm. Once again Parov Stelar drops another hit for me to wear out.

Parov Stelar - The Phantom (1930 Version) by smithblogsatlanta

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