Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If you miss this show in March, I will have to hurt you!

Simian Mobile Disco found its way to me through Comcast Cable of all places. Late one night, we turned on the electronic music channel for lack of a better idea. On came "Hustler (Rick Ross Remix)" and I was instantly captivated. What the hell is this!!!? It was the most gangsta electro clash I had ever heard:

All I knew was that I had to find Spank Rock's Fabric Live 33 or Simian Mobile Disco. So I started searching for either while listening to Comcast for another listen.

Along comes my summer vacation to San Francisco in May of 2007. I walked in to Amoeba Records and the first thing I saw in the New Releases was Spank Rock, "Fabric Live 33". I was pumped about the album but no Simian Mobile Disco. I would have to wait months for the US Release and I was not disappointed. This is how they started...

"Back in the late '90s, James Ford and Jas Shaw were studying biology at and philosophy respectively at Manchester University, while crafting strange electronic music in the spare room of their shared house. Fellow student Simon Lord, a folk-influenced singer-songwriter, caught wind of the duo's sonic experiments, and along with bass player Alex MacNaughten they formed the band Simian." (www.simianmobiledisco.co.uk)

After the shows with Simian, James and Jas would go immediately to the clubs to spin electro records. They found themselves having more fun doing that than playing the gigs with Simian; thus the name Simian Mobile Disco.

"They kept making tunes as Simian Mobile Disco but were careful not to take it too seriously, aware that over-thinking their music would be the death of its jubilant, instant appeal. They went to New York to record the vocals of an aspiring singer/rapper called Char Johnson. She freestyled for 45 minutes and SMD edited the best bits into 'Hustler', an incendiary dancefloor destroyer that owned 2006, and even got mashed-up with Rick Ross's coke-rap hit 'Hustlin'. They got booked to play everywhere from the Club NME Tour to superclubs like Fabric. They introduced ghetto-tech to the indie kids, played acid to the housed-up hordes, and dropped the theme from 'Willy Wonka' at Bugged Out. Everyone smiled. Then danced their arses off." (www.simian mobiledisco.co.uk)

On March 19 they will be in Atlanta all the way from U.K. They will great. I will be dancing my ass off. Where will you be and how sad will you be when I tell you what an amazing show it was?

Simian Mobile Disco
MJQ Concourse
Atlanta, GA
11pm, March 19, 2008
$7 (are you kidding me!)

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