Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work has come between Snowden and Me

Its not every week that a work function ruins you chance to hear "the" new album. An all expense paid mini vacation out of state or Snowden's first preformance back in Atlanta? I don't think the president of my company would see my point if I told him, "no". I have been into Snowden since hearing sinlges off indiefeed's podcast, what seems like years ago. It is hard to believe this will be their http://www.myspace.com/snowden second album. You couldn't ask for a better return venue than the Earl in East Atlanta on Febuary 22nd. Small, intimate, great sound, vibe but I will not be there... Want a preview...

Here is my recording of them preforming "Black Eyes" last June at the earl:

We spent my girlfriend's birthday watching them at Lenny's before they went out to LA in August to record. Although the Earl show was special, they let it all hang out to say, "Good-bye". My favorite moment is when Corrine fell over because she was jamming out so violently and.... continued to play on her back until she could get up! Here is the last song played in Atlanta:

It will be special so someone please enjoy for me...

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