Monday, February 18, 2008

The MOST unlikely of finds...

Two weeks ago my friend Rachel brought me an EP to listen to. She started her sentence, "When I was at the Tori Amos Concert, this guy opened for her." I didn't hear anything after that sentence. It reminded me of stories when soliders would have granades go off close to them where the vision blurs and their hearing starts to ring... Now normally the opening act of Tori Amos would be the end of my interest but Rachel has good taste in music regardless of her liking Tori. I found my self later putting this cd in and becoming entirely amazed. I had to go back for more information because I remember something after the words Tori Amos that sounded like, "yeah, he only uses his guitar on stage."

Sure enough, dude only uses his Guitar to create ALL of his music. This london-based singer song writer's name is YOAV . He states in his interview with Verve Music, ""If you look at a guitar, there is a standard way you play it. You either pick or play chords; Melodically and rhythmically, everything changes when you move away from picking and strumming." He couldn't of described his album any better. It is a complete departure from any thing I have heard in the industry today in sound, melody, rhythm. No one is doing so much with a single instrument. Although I was completely hating on Tori Amos before, I give her a ton of credit for taking YOAV on tour with her BEFORE he droped his first album. Here is how he does it:

This is what the finished product sounds like:

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