Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Cookie Breathe” Helps Win Project Runway Season 5

Leanne Marshall told her boyfriend Nathan McKee that if she had the chance to show her collection in Bryant Park, he would compose the music for her. For those who didn’t see the finally, Leanne had the most intriguing and interesting of designs to walk down the runway. She also had the most interesting music of the three finalists.

Leanne described her collection as something that was forward thinking and innovative. The fact that she used half of her materials from sustainable resources just reaffirms this thought. Here choice in music was a major step toward the forward thinking and innovation theme. I really believe that song choice played a role in the judge’s decisions.

You have to remember that the runway is a show. The success of a show is mainly based on the reaction the crowd gets from the clothing. Do the pieces create feeling and excitement? A great track can also generate that same excitement. When the first piece walked down the runway, I saw clothes in a style that I had never seen before. With the music selection, everyone in Bryant Park was hearing something that no one, other than Leanne and Nathan, had ever heard before.

Upon hearing the track I thought it was a mix between a glitch artist like The Books and possibly Mr Scruff based on the fun, organic, and glitchy composition. The uniqueness of the sound matched the one of a kind petal design that Leanne produced. Who would of thought that “Cookie Breathe” helped Leanne win Project Runway?

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Ian Yang said...

Can't agree with you more! I remember when the first time I saw the clip of Leanne's collection on youtube, I was blown away both by the clothes and the music; actually, I'm listening to Cookie Breath right now! :P