Monday, October 20, 2008

In search of The Ting Tings (OCT 24)

I am a fan of The Ting Tings. I first heard this duo's cd in Charlotte NC a month ago. Katie White and Jules De Martino will be coming to Atlanta all the way from Manchester, England. I have always wondered what a Ting Ting is. I did a little googling today and it brought me here. I decided to go to their webpage for a better definition.

Here I found it, -- At the time, Katie was working in a boutique with a Chinese girl called "Ting Ting," which is also Mandarin term for a "band stand". "I thought it was lovely," Katie remembers. "It can also refer to the sound of innovation or an open mind. Like the 'ting' you hear when you get an idea."

What a perfect description. Each song has it's own idea. Every song is a 'ting' with a spin and twist. You may not like every song but there is enough diversity for everyone. Check them out at the Variety Playhouse on Friday or for a sample you can here them here:

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