Saturday, February 6, 2010


A few nights ago I heard this artist on my Nosaj Drift Pandora playlist and bought the album as an impulse. The track I heard was "Hairy Candy" and it made stop what I was doing and check the track. I was going to drop it here after this paragraph, but I found a sick version with Aesop rock mashed together with TOBACCO by the one and only hood Internet.

TOBACCO is from start to finish one of the more intriguing Trip Hop albums I have heard in a long time. I am only categorizing it as such because that is the most familiar sound that I can attach to it. Their 2008 release "Fucked up Friends" album starts with a swift punch in the face. The track Street Trash is dark, distorted, and beat heavy.

The album is filled with complex cosmic instrumentals that will have even the Hip Hop heads nodding their heads. After buying the album I learned that TOBACCO is an offshoot of Black Moth Super Rainbow. I find this very interesting because I never cared too much for BMSR's music but my love for "Fucked of Friends" will make me re-listen...

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